The Gall of that Stone!

Nana’s doing much better, and they’ve found gallstones causing a blockage.  Gallstones can be one of the causes of pancreatitis, so this may or may not be what started it all.  Treatment options are still being discussed.  No steaks or hamburgers for Nana for now, though.

In other news, Teresa has left me, in order to take Aurora home.  She’s staying down there a couple days, too, visiting with Tammie and enjoying Tammie’s pool.  We really miss our pool.  Don’t worry, she’s coming back.. 🙂

I’m at home, bach’ing it for a couple days.  I’ve had horrible luck with water since she left, and right before she left.

Our basement toilet flapper valve broke away from the chain that pulls it up to flush the toilet a while back.  I fixed it by using a zip-tie (zip-ties are the new duct-tape) to hold the chain with the flapper.  Before we left for Disney THAT broke off, leaving me without a way to connect the chain with the flapper. 

The boys and I have been lifting the tank lid and manually flipping the flapper (heh, flipping the flapper) in order to flush the toilet.

The other night when Teresa was getting ready to leave I heard the tank lid hit the tank a little bit too hard while Tyler was flipping the flapper.  I, too, had almost dropped it once.  Knowing I’d be without a car for a couple days (David has the Malibu, Teresa is in Hogansville) I ran out to Wal-Mart to acquire a flapper.

Flappers come in various price ranges, from $1.45 version which you use in your rental homes, to the $6.99 version that you use in your solid gold toilet.  All claim protection from harsh water environments.  I chose a middle-of the road version that has a 5-year warranty. 

As if in 4 years when it fails I’m going to say, "WHAT?!  That’s warranted for FIVE years!  I want my money back!"

I came back, took it to the bathroom and said to myself, "I probably should turn the water off before I do this.  But whatever, so the water runs a little extra while I’m installing it."

What I didn’t realize is that the toilet… was clogged.   When you have to close the lid, remove the tank lid (to flip the flapper) you don’t see when the toilet is clogged! 

I reached in, pulled off the old flapper, put the new flapper in and wondered what that sound like a water fall was… I looked over the toilet and saw a river of water pouring and it still took me a few beats before I realized it was overflowing from the bowl.  Mind you, this is water that has been used, too.  Yes, number 2.  Poo-water.

"BOYS!  It’s overflowing I need TOWELS!" I bellowed.  Aurora started screaming.  The boys started running around.  All we needed was that Aaa-OOO-gah! sound they have in submarines.  And I quickly tried to set the flapper down so it would stop flowing… which didn’t work because the new chain had gone down the hole and so was propping the flapper open.

Three big towels appeared, I threw them down and they instantly became saturated before I thought, "Oh, I was going to turn the water off."  I then did so, but that meant kneeling on the floor covered in poo-water and reaching under the tank.  Blecch.  Like a Dirty Jobs episode.

Another cool thing I discovered was once I installed the new flapper I turned on the water pressure higher than I should have and the valve with the ball on the end that fills the tank can shoot water straight up like a fountain!  I turned it back down a little.

I then set out to sopping up all the water and mopping the floor.  I had to wring the towels out a few times.  There was that much poo-water.

The same night I had brought down to my refrigerator a 2-gallon water jug that we had gotten from Amanda at one point.  I opened that spigot and filled a glass which trickled at the end, so I remembered having to poke a hole at the top of it.  I did, and later when I went to get another glass I stepped in a puddle in the carpet in front of the fridge.  Evidently there was a hole in the bottom of the jug and when I vented it that meant it could now escape through the hole on the bottom, too. It poured about a gallon or so of water into the fridge and onto the floor.  I sopped that up best I could, too, with new towels.

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