Just one more…

One more blog post before we head down to Disney.  I’m going to try to figure out the different internet gadgets I’ve been signing up for lately.  I’ve got webcams, twitter updates (twitter.com is a website like all the ‘What I’m Doing Now’ but you can update it from your mobile phone and IM client), yada yada.

The webcam gadget on my main page (if you’re just seeing blogs, then click on the ‘Art’s Space’ link above the Blog history widget.  Then you’ll see the widgets I have on the left side.  The webcam widget lets me have the videos I made on there, and their limit is huge (200MB).  If you click on the movie camera on that widget you’ll see the movies.

Below the webcam widget is my twitter widget, that has the latest update I can send from my phone.

Third in the margin is the MyPhotoAlbum link.  I know I can send updates to that from my phone, but I’m going to see if actually I can send them to the Stickam site since that has a slideshow.  Maybe I’ll try to find a slideshow option for the MyPhotoAlbum Link.



We celebrated Mother’s Day today, since we’re going to be driving tomorrow.  I burned… er, made Pizza-Burgers.  One of the recipes from the Grilled magazine I got while down at my parents.  So far all the recipes have been good, including today’s.  Although I think I should have had a little more meat in the recipe.  The most impressive thing I’ve made on the grill so far is absolutely the flat-breads.  I need to make more of those when I get back home… in, umm, 11 days.  The beer-brined pork-chops were pretty good, too, though.

On our way home from Disney we’re stopping for a few days in Amanda’s neck of the woods so that Teresa can attend a field trip with the boys, and we can pick up Aurora so Amanda and Derrick can pack.

Well I’m beat.  The boys are watching the Disney DVD one more time to make sure they don’t forget to ask to go somewhere.  Tyler just found a tick on Harley so we had to get that off.  The dogs are going to spend the week with Kelley.  I need to remember to forward our phone to our cell-phone to make sure we get the calls if he gets away.

Guess that’s all.. updates will be in the ‘What am I doing box’ over there, and maybe pics showing up in the Sitckam widget.


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