The Suspense is Killing Me

Several things we have going on in the near / very near future that keeps me looking forward to tomorrow, which is a state I don’t usually enjoy.

First is Disney, which is a good thing, of course.  I can’t wait to get down there.  This week for me at work is going to be incredibly busy, but maybe that’ll make it pass quickly.  Today, f’rinstance I only have about one hour of time unblocked.

Second is my poker deposit.  Been expecting it since about 4/18th, but evidently there was some processor delay at the poker site.  I’ve never had this kind of delay, and the poker site I use isn’t the only site that’s having issues.  The poker forums are abuzz with the delays, and people are starting to get militant.  There are quite a few young, single types that actually rely on poker as their income.  I couldn’t imagine having my paycheck delayed for three weeks.

Fortunately for us Teresa sold a lot of books at the book sale last week so we have enough to tide us over into our payday.  We should get paid this week, and then will probably get the poker money, just in time for Disney.  I guess that works out decently.

The idea was for me to withdraw the poker money and then a couple weeks after Disney get it repaid, but I’ve decided I think I like the idea of starting over better and have accepted the challenge.  It seems I’m more motivated to build from the lower levels of bankroll than when I’m at a relatively high bankroll even higher.  That’s good, though, since it keeps it in the hobby phase and the money doesn’t become ‘important’.  When the money is ‘important’ I get too frustrated when I lose.  I want it to mean something, but not important, y’know?  Like a bonus.

Third is work.  I’m so busy these days that by 5-6pm I’m drained.  I’ve had to get fairly organized and take careful notes in all my meetings since that section of my brain is quickly overwritten by a new one.  Only problem is I feel there is so much going on I’m forgetting something important.  I’m not a big fan of hectic.  Busy I can take, but hectic

Cameron had a great time on his camping trip.  He really doesn’t like being grilled with a bunch of questions so all we got were a bunch of ‘yeah’ and ‘no’s from our questions, but he had fun.  He said Alex’s mom was nice.  He said it rained, but that’s when they went swimming so they didn’t mind.

Tyler and I had gone to Blockbuster and I rented him a game this past weekend.  Lego Star Wars; The Complete Saga for the Wii.  They loves the Legos.  This Lego game is huge.. every time you clear a level you get a gold brick.  Every time you collect so many Lego ‘studs’ you get a gold brick.  Every time you find 10 hidden ‘minikits’ you get a gold brick.  He has 160 gold bricks to find in this game.  That’s immense.  I think he’s 35% finished (it tells you a percentage).

Tyler and Cameron saved up money to buy 32 Lego men.  Teresa ordered them and they should be here shortly.  They were going to wait until we went to the Lego Store at Disney, but in the end decided not to wait and Teresa ordered them.  One more thing we’re waiting for… they ask every day if they came yet… even Sunday.  Tyler’s starting to be able to keep track of the days, but Cameron isn’t there yet.

When I was in Florida I bought a magazine called ‘Grilling’ that has a bunch of things to do with a grill.  One of them was a flatbreads recipe.  I was making dinner on Sunday (chicken w/mushroom gravy and rice.. and old standby) and decided to give the flatbreads a whirl.  They turned out great!  Bread on the grill!

Yesterday we had fish-sticks … we don’t really want to go shopping and fill up the fridge so we’re in ’empty the cupboards’ mode at the moment … Teresa said, "I can cook like this all week now, since Daddy’s going to be cooking the gourmet food on the weekends!"  I need to start watching more cooking shows.

It’s fun learning something that I can ask Teresa advice!  I’ve been trying to tell her that I’d cook but these are the first steps I’ve really taken to do that.  I’ve got the weekends now… we’ll see where it goes.

Well, my day’s starting.  I have a meeting. TTFN


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