The Lonely House

Tyler and I have the house to ourselves today.  Teresa is at a homeschool conference until this evening.  Cameron went camping with Alex, across the street, and Alex’s mom.  Harley and Bingo are still here. 

Harley tried to get away when we were taking Cameron’s camping stuff across the street to load up for his camping trip.  The boys took off after him, but that just made him pick up speed and he ran into the woods.  Usually he travels mostly by road and is easy to spot when he runs away.  Once Cameron was off I jumped in the car and cruised around, but there was no finding him that way.

I came home, and a minute or so after I entered the house I asked Tyler if anyone had called.  He said "Yeah!" and handed me a piece of paper with the name, address and phone number of the people with Harley.

I had half a mind to leave him there.  I wasn’t very happy with him running from the boys.

But I did go get him.  He didn’t quite make it to the corner where he crosses the street.  The family had had a yellow lab in the past, and other dogs so they were very nice to him.  They said he just walked into their garage and lay down like he lived there.

Thursday the Renaissance Faire had a student day, so we took the boys to that before dropping Teresa off at the homeschool conference.  They had the rides open, but the pubs weren’t serving alcohol and the sword shops weren’t allowed to sell!  What’s the Renaissance Faire without swords and ale?

We had fun despite the restrictions, and went to several shows.  Cameron and I rode the swinging ship ride, and he recognized the names ‘Nina’, ‘Pinta’, and the ‘Santa Maria’.  You pull ropes to make it keep swinging.  Cameron said, "This is almost like exercise!" 

Later, Cameron and I went to the joust, while Tyler and Teresa went to the birds of prey show.  Teresa said it was short.  The joust was cool, though.  I’ve got some pictures here somewhere.

They closed early, too, so I delivered Teresa to her hotel and unloaded the books she had to sell.  I hope they do well.

Yesterday after work I was reading the forecast and it said it was going to be raining today, with some thunderstorms later (hope it doesn’t get too messy camping for Cameron).  Instead of using it as an excuse to put off mowing the yard I went ahead and mowed it yesterday.  Bingo was out there with me and didn’t know what to make of that big loud machine.  He kept wanting to come over to me, but not while I was pushing that big noisy machine.

Since it’s just Tyler and me we’ve been eating very well… pizza last night and french toast this morning.  I’ve got some chicken out for tonight.. Teresa should be home by then.

I guess that’s all that’s going on right now… the boys are counting down the days until Disney.  I can’t believe it’s almost here already.  I told Teresa we should be in training for Disney… walking about 5 hours a day.  I have had my share of exercise lately, so hopefully I won’t be too terribly floored by it all.  Only one week left!


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