Online Surveys

I finally started entering all those ‘Coke Rewards’ numbers on the soft drinks we buy.  We only buy whatever soft-drink (er, maybe I should say ‘sparkling/carbonated soft drinks), but because they’re still fairly costly I thought maybe I should start getting a return for my money.

I went to, signed up an account, and have been entering codes for the past couple months.  Since the stores alternate what products are on sale, and thus within my purchasing power, I’ve not bought Coke products every time.  So I’ve entered 4 codes from 12-packs.  I’ve got 40 points.

A free 20-oz drink can be purchased with 24 points.  La-dee-da.  This is going to take a while.

While I was signing off I got asked if I would do a survey.  What the heck… I’m supposed to be cleaning the basement but I really don’t feel like doing it, so a survey sounds perfect.

These are a couple of the questions.

My friends and family would probably consider me a good source of advice for sparkling/carbonated soft drinks

During a conversation about sparkling/carbonated soft drinks, it is very probable that I would convince my friends and family about my ideas

I didn’t know there would be someone in the family that I would consider ‘a good source of advice for sparkling/carbonated soft drinks’.  I have no clue who I would turn to if I had a ‘sparkling/carbonated soft drink’ life issue for which I needed advice!  I’d be totally lost!  If anyone reading this considers themselves a good source of information regarding sparkling/carbonated soft drinks, please let me know.

The next question shows me how much I’m missing, too, since not only must I have conversations about sparkling/carbonated soft drinks, but I am supposed to be able to convince my friends and family about my ideas!  Why would anyone want to do that?  "You’re drinking THAT?  Dude… you really should drink Diet Coke.  It’s so much better for you than THAT!  Seriously, here, take mine.  Just throw that away.  You’ll thank me.  You drink 3 of those a day and your life will change, guarantee."

It’s a drink.  Not one question on that survey was "Why do you drink Diet Coke?"  My answer would be, "Because I’m thirsty."  It asked me if I drank Diet Coke because it made me feel better about myself, or made an activity more engaging… but no ‘it made me not thirsty’ answers.

Here’s the last problem… if I really wanted free stuff from Coke I probably should have lied my Diet Coke butt off.

But I didn’t.  Those people that take 15 items into the 12 item grocery lane probably would lie on those surveys.  Those people that drive down the emergency lane, get off an exit, then drive right back up the on-ramp to move ahead in traffic would probably lie on surveys, too.

Maybe I should have had more kids, so I could train one of them to be an unethical, get-ahead-at-all costs type so that I’d have someone that could support us in our old age.


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