Sometimes You’re The Windshield

… and sometimes you’re the bug.


Life certainly has a way of keeping you humble.

Just when you think you’re the cat’s meow, BAM! Life slaps you upside the head and let’s you know you’re just as human as the next idiot.

All this week I’ve been preparing for a trip to Mexico City.  I have to train a team of people down there to use the tool that the project team I’m on has been developing.  I hadn’t really been able to prepare much because it’s been an interrupt driven week, with a lot of different aspects of the project requiring simultaneous attention.

I kept working into the weekend (to Tyler’s confusion, ‘But, it’s the weekend, how come you’re working?’ … ‘It’s not just something you can turn off when you want, Buddy’) in order to prepare the materials and get ready for the trip.

I have everything about 90% ready (which is about as far as I usually get), and we get invited over for the evening to our friend’s.  I’m mostly there, so I say sure, let’s go.

I get asked if I have my passport ready when I’m over there… "All I need is a driver’s license and a birth certificate," I say confidently.  "Oh yeah?  That’s about to change isn’t it?  There’s a new law…"  My heart sinks.  Pleasenopleasenopleasenopleaseno… laptop…google… please, internet, tell me it ain’t so!

It’s so.

I have to call off my trip to Mexico City at the last minute because the new law (since Jan 2007) says you need a passport to get back to the US from Mexico.  And guess what’s expired (and I couldn’t find it when I tore the office apart tonight)?

How could I prepare for a trip to another country for more than a week and not investigate whether or not I need a passport?  I feel like the bug… kersplat on the windshield.

Ahh well.  I have an extra day to prepare that last 10%, since I’ll be presenting from my ‘home office’ via the internet.

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