Modern Miracle

This still amazes me.  We had to ship Teresa’s laptop in for repair because it was having motivational troubles… it didn’t really like to turn on, but if you were persistent enough you could get it to turn on.  A lot like getting Cameron to eat.

I got an e-mail this morning that it was shipped and we would be getting it soon.  I expected Monday, since the e-mail said it was sent Next-Day Afternoon.

I went to the tracking link they provided. It was picked up in Texas yesterday at 7:33pm, made it to the depot at 11:45pm, left there less than 3 hours later at 2:25am, hit the Atlanta depot at 5:05 am, and was delivered to our door at 10:10am this morning.  That’s just amazing.

Just one of modern miracles that we take for granted every day… and would probably get irritated or angry if it, oh I dunno, took two days, or three days to get here.  In fact, I had said ‘that figures’ that they shipped it out on a Friday and we wouldn’t be able to get it until Monday, despite it being ‘next day’.

I saw on the news the other day some legislators are considering posing a gas tax in order to discourage driving to forestall global warming by just that little much.  Trouble is, if you discourage driving, then you discourage automobile purchases.  Let’s add more economic pressure while we’re still not sure how this housing and credit thing is going to shake up, kthx (that’s internet speak for ‘okay, thanks’ with an implied ‘you’re such an idiot’).  I thought it interesting, too, that the news report mentioned that while those taxes work in Europe and UK, many US Americans don’t drive as a choice.  The hardship would be borne by Americans who live on a budget, and they would have to take the money from somewhere to pay for the gasoline.  It was Fox, so of course it was a somewhat intelligent report rather than pablum.

I was on a business call earlier and I heard all kinds of heavy machinery outside our house.  Tyler and Cameron were watching them tear up the road, and Cameron mentioned ‘Awww man, now that bump isn’t going to be there.  I liked that bump.’  You just can’t please everyone, can you?

While they were watching the roadwork through their window Tyler said, "Why do we have to have this (poked the screen) anyway?  It’s in the way."  I said, "To keep bugs out."  He replied, "What’s the point of that when there’s a big hole in the screen?"  I thought, "Why would someone put a hole in something made to keep bugs out, TYLER"  But I said, "To keep stupid bugs out?" 

I took it off and they promptly started looking out over the window ledge at the driveway.  I said, "Or maybe it’s to keep stupid kids IN."  I got slugged for that.


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