In like a lion, 2008 version

It’s March, and the weather is lion-like.  For the past two or three weeks we’ve had pretty constant thunderstorm warnings and activity.  The days I don’t get ‘thunderstorm alert’s in my inbox, I get ‘fire condition’ alerts.  I think they’re because of the wind.  Surely the area isn’t tinder-dry like it was towards the end of the summer.

I like keeping track of Lake Lanier’s levels on this web-page.  We’re 2 feet above where we were at the end of the summer, but a lot of this I think falls within ‘normal’ rainfall amounts.  We started out last year this same way… very moist.  Lake Lanier is still 14.5′ below ‘full’ levels.  I think it will take some real moisture coming through.  I’m not sure when the ‘spring thaw’ hits in the mountains, or if it already has in order to send more water our way.

Our recent thunderstorms were rather exciting.  We had some tornadoes in our county (Forsyth) and in downtown Atlanta, but nothing was terribly close.  We got some very gusty straight-line winds, and once again my grill got pushed to the other side of the deck and our trash-can blew over.

Our new neighbor does roofs, and he looked at ours and said we’re not missing any shingles.  An earlier storm had taken shingles off nearly every house around that he looked at, he said.  Maybe we’re hardened since we get constant wind on this hillside.

While cleaning up the yard of rocks and other things last weekend, the boys had stacked the rocks in a circle and called it a ‘fire pit’ and have been dying to have a fire in it.  Friday night we moved it over a little bit (my idea), and built it up a little more with some of the left-over marble from what is supposed to be our basement porch, and we had a fire.  Mostly we burned some scrap wood, but there was also a tree I thought had been in the way of our satellite dish (it wasn’t) laying there that we sawed up a bit and burned, too.

Turns out moving a firepit close to the side of the hill isn’t the best idea because wind usually comes up the hill.  If you’re sitting behind the fire in the firepit, and wind is coming up the hill, the smoke is going to blow directly in your face.  We might need to move it over a little more, just to have enough room to sit between it and the wind.

We were pulling out of our development last night and Cameron read a sign posted, "Missing cow?  How could someone be missing a cow?"  Turns out it was a ‘chow’, but we had a lot of fun with the ‘missing cow’.  ‘Keep your eyes out, that cow could be anywhere!’  or later ‘Was there a cow in there?’

We went to an afternoon Easter Egg hunt.  Teresa volunteered to help one of her friends with her Homeowner Association Easter Egg Hunt, so we went there.  Last year there was a lot of parental grumbling because of confusing the start-time and not enough eggs to go around.  This year the thunderstorms / tornadoes postponed it to Sunday, and they had about 10 times as many eggs as last year.  Since it was postponed about half the people showed up.  The kids got plenty of eggs.

I made some wooden games… one a board with a hole in it to hit a croquet ball through, and then another was a Pop the Balloon with a dart game.  I made it so it came apart to be easier to haul, but turned out they used half for a pin-the-tail-on-the-bunny game, too.  Those were pretty popular.

I also coaxed the boys into posing with the Easter Bunny.  The price of ‘coaxing’ is sure going up.  I tried a dollar, and Cameron was fine with that, but Tyler wasn’t about to submit himself to an Easter Bunny for just a dollar, even if it was just Jaclyn (one of Kelley’s daughters).

David, Mallery and a friend of theirs, Tisha, came over afterwards with delicious lasagna.  We had dinner, and they told us about their weekend.  We were all pretty tired, I think, and it ended up being a fairly early night.


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