Disco and coffee are keeping me awake

Sometimes I wonder about myself.  I’ve not been playing very much poker lately.  Work’s been fairly busy, even to the point of working a bit late most days, and by then I’m ready for a break.  That plus Tyler tells me, "You can have the TV now, Daddy."  It’s his way of asking if he can be on Daddy’s computer without asking if he can be on Daddy’s computer, because Daddy doesn’t like it when Tyler asks to be on Daddy’s computer.  It’s Daddy’s computer, after all…

But he figured out a way to ask without asking that usually makes me smile, and usually gets him the computer, too.  The reason I give it up easily is that we’ve been keeping pretty regular evenings and they can’t do computer/TV after jammy time.

Speaking of jammy time, when we changed the clocks Cameron said, "We get to stay up until 10 o’clock now!"  I said, "Umm, no."  That prompted a "but but but" … but he got over it.

Yesterday was a pretty horrible day, work-wise.  A lot of things we thought were resolved and done came back to haunt us so we need to go back and do things we thought were already done.  I was in the mood for some steam release, so we went out to Mexican and I had a couple beers.  Dave and Julie ate with us, and they came to our place and we watched a movie together.  After which I went down to my computer, and get invited to a tournament.  Yeah yeah, so I play it, and end up taking second, which means I was up very much too late.

Now I’m exhausted.  I’m drinking coffee, and listening to disco in order to make it to a decent time this evening to go up and collapse.  Might be a short reading session tonight.

Since the hockey game Teresa’s parents came up and we went and saw Bill Cosby.  He was hilarious, although parking was difficult to find for the van near the Fox Theater.

We were supposed to go camping this weekend, but there are thunderstorms due, so we’re not going to do it.  We’ll have a campfire in our back yard instead, and maybe invite the neighbors and grill out on Sunday.

Gas prices are making me nervous for our summer trips.  And the van’s mileage is rapidly approaching 200k.  I don’t know how many more trips the van has in it.  It’s not having any issues yet, but I’d rather do something about it before we get stranded, or it seriously impacts our plans.

I better post this before I forget and go to sleep.


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