Quivering Dogness

I was awakened this morning with the sound of thunder and incredible deluges of rain sweeping against my house at about 6:30am.  This isn’t usually a big deal, and I usually try to roll over and go back to sleep if it weren’t for two things.

1. Aurora was in our bed, and our door was open.  Oh, didn’t I tell you?  Aurora is visiting for a few days.  When we saw her last week she was heartbroken when she had to leave, so Teresa asked her to come back for a few days (and I don’t say that like "I blame this all on Teresa" … it’s just how it happened… Aurora’s always a joy to have around for a few days).  She’s the reason I was up at 4:00am, and 5:00am, but not 6:30am.  6:30am was definitely the rain… but she was in our bed, and this meant our door was open.

2. If our door was open, and the boys door was open, and yet there was no big white (er, yellow) dog in our bed.  Storm, lightning, thunder, loud noises and no big white (er, yellow) dog in our bed.

Harley doesn’t care much for thunderstorms.  And by ‘doesn’t care much’ I mean he turns into a quivering blob of dogness, panting and worried.  He seeks out the nearest human and tries to become one with them.

The lack of Harley in our bed despite the fact that I knew all the doors were open worried me.  I got up to check the boys room.  No Harley.

I went down to the family room.  No Harley.  This is where he had been at 12:00am when I went to bed, lolling on his back asleep on the couch.

I went to the basement and was greeted at the basement door by a sopping wet, panting, tail-wagging, quivering blob of dogness.  Across the basement, the outside door stood open and rain was gushing in the door (with all this going on the thought still hits me, ‘I wonder if we’re still in a drought?’).

I haven’t gotten the entire story from him yet.  I’m sure the wind blew open the doors, and the rain was coming in.. but how did HE get so wet?  Standing in the doorway guarding our house?  Or desperately wanting to go explore the world, and yet all that noise and commotion out there kept him standing in the doorway, getting sopping wet, racked with indecision?

The world may never know.  But I need to go get some towels.


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