Typical Days

The boys are starting to count down the days until we return to Disney.  It’s 3 months away, but they’re already asking, and planning.  Cameron just ran down, gave me a hug, and said "Goodbye, Daddy."  I said, "Where are you going?"  "To Disneyworld, I’m already packed!" was the reply.  Mmmkay, a bit early.


It’s been explained to me now.  Teresa got a shipment from a Southern Living party she had, and it came in two big boxes.  The boys have put food and toys in the boxes to prepare themselves to be shipped to Walt Disney World, and have taped pictures of the dogs inside.





David and Mallery came over the other night and babysat the boys while Teresa and I went out to dinner and movies.  Well, movie.  We saw ‘Jumper’, which was a fascinating movie.  Teresa told me it had gotten 2 stars before we decided on it (more because it was at the right time, although it was something I wanted to see), but it was much better than two stars.  Sure, it’s a effects-driven movie but I like movies that don’t really feel the need to explain each and every little thing to you.  They leave you to speculate and think more about ramifications and what-if’s than trying to explain things that you just can’t explain in a 2 hour movie.  This one is probably going to have multiple sequels.

While we were gone David and the boys put together a K-Nex roller coaster that Dave had gotten them for Christmas.  They had a head start since they had been putting it together slowly, but it was finished when we got home.  It worked pretty good, too, until a link in the chain got broken, and some of the supports come apart.  Tyler was trying to get it to work again but the tighter chain made it pop off easier and he was heard to mutter, "I hate my life."  I laughed at him and he clarified, "Just the frustrating parts."

We just finished reading ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ for our bedtime story.  The boys loved it, and studied the map carefully after each reading to see where they had traveled.  Now I’m helping Teresa read ‘Johnny Tremain’.  They’re reading it during the day for their school, and I’m reading more of it at night to help get through it quicker.

We have a new neighbor with an 8 year old boy, Alex, too!  They’ve been doing a lot of hanging out on the weekends, and Alex even spent the night this past weekend.  They’re doing all kinds of fun things like digging holes in my yard, and exploring the back hill.   My basement still isn’t back together since the sleep-over, but they’ve been busy.

I saw an article in a magazine the other day that said, "A Typical Day in the Life of a Homeschooler."  I wondered how that was possible.  We don’t have ‘typical days’.  We have ‘typical weeks’.  Maybe even ‘typical Mondays’, ‘typical Tuesdays’, etc… but it’s hard to say that there would be a single day that would describe a ‘typical day’.

Teresa finally got a baby fix.  Amanda and Derrick brought the girls up the other night so that they could go to Dave and Buster’s, which is essentially like a Chuck E. Cheese for adults.  A big game room.  That didn’t really help the cause of a clean basement, either.  Aurora really likes ‘stashing’ things.  I had to clean out underneath the boys bed because it was packed full of Teresa’s magazines, newspapers, toys, blankets, pillows.  She was only here for a few hours!  Bella took a while to warm up, and she never really did warm up to me, although she was content enough to wave at me from across the room a couple times.  Generally she turned and ran away, though.

Personally I’ve been going to bed late and getting up early.  Generally about the time that I stop breathing through my nose I have to wake-up and clean it out no matter what time I went to sleep, and then return to bed.  This morning I couldn’t get back to sleep, since I had forgotten to take the trash to the curb last night and I sat there saying "Don’t sleep too late, don’t sleep too late, don’t sleep too late… .oh bother."

Teresa and I are talking about doing a grandparent run sometime when she’s free from her classes.  Since gas is so expensive and I can work from anywhere we’ll probably try to combine the trips.. go to Homeland, spend a week, then go to Ft. Myers and spend a week.  We might even try to come in the car, rather than the van, to lighten the gas expense, too.  It’s early in the planning stages and when we see how some things with my job and money are going to shake out we’ll firm up the plans.

When I started this I was thinking, "I don’t really have much to say."  I guess I got on a roll, eh?


P.S. Yes, I knew about the lunar eclipse last night, and we went out and looked at it a little bit late.  I didn’t take any pictures of it, though.


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