It’s been a while

since my last entry.. so I thought I’d throw something up here.

I’m getting used to wearing glasses.  Yes, I’ve been absolutely inundated for requests for pictures of me wearing my glasses, but it took me a while to get used to seeing myself in them myself.  I look older in them, I think.  I’ll get one up as soon as I don’t feel ridiculous taking a picture of myself.  Maybe I’ll get Tyler to take it.  He likes taking pictures.

When I first put them on I can see an immediate difference, but the real difference is after I’ve been at the computer for a while.  Then I take them off and I feel like I’m in Wonderland for a bit, where objects can’t decide if they’re close or far away, and appear both at the same time.

The other thing I notice is they sure get smudged a lot.

I got my certificate for the project manager training I took… I got 2.8 continuing education credits from the George Washington University School of Business.  I had no idea that I had gone back to college.

Everything else is going along just as steady as it could.  Tyler was briefly almost-sick, but he slept alot the next couple days and fought it off.  I still have brief bouts with my nose from time to time.  Cameron’s been healthy as a horse (I think it’s all the complete meals he’s been having since we got some tangelos from Nana and Pops), and Teresa’s been as busy as always.  Her back gave her a slight scare a week or so ago but she took it easy and recouped in record time.

The weather can’t decide if it’s spring or winter, and will be switching back and forth between the two for the next few months.  Yesterday and this past weekend was marvelous 60 degree weather, and tonight it is windy and bitterly cold.  Shocking to take the dogs outside… they even run out, do their business and run back in with no extra sniffing or exploring.

Weatherman says this is the week when average temperatures start climbing to spring temps.  It won’t happen this year, he went on, because there are some expected arctic waves coming through to cause some impending cold spells.

I used the good weather this weekend to work out in the garage some, and did some moving around in there.  I really need to start some form of exercise, because that took a lot out of me the next day.  I need to get in better shape.

David and Mallery are coming over on Sundays now for Sunday dinner.  This past weekend was the first.  We had pot-roast, and then watched Jodie Foster’s remake of DeathWish.  Ok, it wasn’t really billed like that, but it was the same tunnel in Central Park and the mugger killed her fiance and took her dog.  Hope I didn’t ruin it for anyone.


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