The Eye Doctor

I finally went and got my eyes checked on Thursday.

For a while now I’ve noticed a corona type effect, or a ‘glowing’ affect around words or things that I want to see clearly and can’t really.  It isn’t the ‘blurry’ that I usually equate with looking at things out of focus but more along the lines of an error in contrast, or brightness.  I’ve been adjusting my monitors in accordance to that, actually, in order to make it better.

I knew it was probably about due to go to the eye doctor.  I’m the last one of my family to have glasses (okay, I’m the youngest, too, but still… my sisters needed glasses when in grade school, if I remember correctly).  And I’m 40.

Nothing real exciting happened during the appt. itself, other than they kidnapped my wife for just about the entire time.  I think she got to sit in back in a comfy chair while her drops dilated her eyes while I got to sit up front with the kids showing me things that I couldn’t read anymore.  Not to mention the lights, ouch.

Anyway, the eye doctor said that I’m farsighted, and I’ve got an astigmatism, just like my dad.  He recommended glasses for when I need them, but not a 24 hour a day thing, so didn’t think contacts were needed.  He also said that some part of my eye was oval instead of round, which is something that happens with glaucoma.  He took a picture of my eyes and will keep an eye on it to make sure it’s not something that deteriorating.  He said the picture actually looked rounder than when he was looking, so that was a good sign.

The boys’ eyes are great, though.  Cameron is a little farsighted, but the doc said that whatever kids eyes age into the opposite so he’ll probably be nearsighted when he gets older (or fine).

I was really impressed with the doctor, and am looking forward to being able to see my computer screen better again.  When he dialed those lenses on that big machine I was amazed at the difference even though I knew I probably needed glasses.


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