Inflation rate is worst in 17 years!

Run for the hills!


You can always count on the press to keep life exciting with all their doom predicting.  How they LOVE to make headlines like this.  Inflation rate last year was 4.1%, up from 2.5%.  Yippee skippee.  Most of it in the energy and food sectors.  Ummm, duh!

But I didn’t start this entry to talk about inflation.  Don’t have anything particular to talk about really, just hadn’t posted in a while.

This weekend is Cameron’s 8th birthday party, Friday night.  He’s having a pizza party and sleepover.  He’s very excited at the prospect of being 8.  He heard me tell someone he was 8 and he said "in two weeks!" with a ‘duh’ look on his face.

The Christmas recovery is complete.  Everything is in its bin and tucked in the attic or garage.  I spent Saturday putting the bins away.  It wasn’t quite the efficient process we had when we got everything out, and the bins hung around a while.  One of the reasons was that I went to Dallas last week on business.  But hey, it’s only 2 weeks after New Year’s and we’re all put away.  I still think that’s doing alright.

I’ve been fighting sinus congestion for about 6 weeks… I tried a humidifier, OTC medications, even nose spray.  The nose spray worked the best, for about 3 days, and then I think it went into a full-blown infection on the day I was traveling home from Dallas.  But a few nights with knock-me-out sinus medicine at night and it cleared up.  Saturday was the worst day, and the day I did most of the work I needed to do around the house. 

Saturday was ‘dog poop’ day.  I had neglected it too long, and it needed to be done.  The yard was chock full of land-mines and it was frightening to walk beyond the walk-stones, especially at night.  I wish there was a way to fuel automobiles or power my house using dog poop, because I have access to an abundant supply.  The activity resulted in a 12 pound bag of poop, approximately.  I was actually sore, muscle sore the next couple days, and still feel it.  This usually results in me vowing to do it more often… maybe once a week.

C’mon snow!  Cover the yard up so I don’t need to pick up dog poop!

We’re actually supposed to have rain turning into sleet/snow later this evening today.  The mountains are due to get a lot of snow, which is good news to the northern lakes, I would think.

Teresa’s teaching a couple classes at the new educational center, where the boys can take some classes.  She’s teaching a space class, a King Arthur class that uses the book ‘The Once and Future King’, and also an elections class, about the upcoming presidential elections.  They’re all for younger, middle school and younger ages.

In other news, I’ve completed my first project manager training class.  While all the things in the class were things I expected, the techniques, and documents and specific examples are already coming in handy in my job, so it was definitely worth it.  I wish I had thought to sign up for training some time ago.  It’s making my job pretty enjoyable because I always knew what needed to be done, just not how to do it, in particular.  Next step is to take some PMP preparation classes, and then schedule the testing.


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