Quads Meteor Shower

My parents gave the kids an awesome gift this year… a membership to SLOOH, an online observatory that lets you actually see what the telescopes are seeing.  We all logged into it today and have been watching it all afternoon.  The telescopes are based in the Canary Islands, but one of them was down and the other was having some issues with the filters, so we got to watch all day for free.  At 9pm they had a radio show that talked about the Quads meteor shower that was due to peak TONIGHT!  Wow, what timing!

I went out a few times, and I did catch 1, maybe 2 streaks in the sky.  They last just long enough to where when you look they’re gone.  Didn’t catch one right where I was looking.

I started playing with the time-lapse on my camera, and the tripod that I got with the video camera last year.  The delay only goes as high as 15 seconds, but got some cool pictures.  I got bored with taking pictures of the sky, so took a few others, too. 


Thought that shadow might look creepy on the house.  Unfortunately it also shows how bad the side of the house needs a pressure wash.


It may look bright, but I could barely see that tree.  Also note that tomorrow is trash day, and my father’s favorite Mustang in the background (that’s one of the impatient drivers).

That grass was sparkling to me… covered in frost.


Orion peeking over the house.  Pleiades on the right.


The big dipper.

Yeah, so go figure on the coldest day of the year so far (it was about 18 degrees out) I’m outside at 2am snapping pictures of stars.  Sometimes I wonder….


These pictures, as well as Christmas and New Years will be on the photo site soon.


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