Happy Holidaze

I’m so tired of eating.  It’s party season and this weekend has been a record, I think, in the number of get-together’s and eating events.  A full-blown Christmas dinner on Saturday followed by a potluck yesterday, and a New Year’s party scheduled for tonight.  But, as usual, I’m getting ahead of myself.

My parents came up for Christmas and were able to have an extended stay due to the fact that it fell on a Tuesday, which is usually my mom’s ‘must work’ day.  When she doesn’t have to work it she can take some extended time away from the office.

My dad was thoroughly entertained by Georgia drivers all week.  They were being a bit impatient with his driving, and I think he was a bit used to the sleepy Ft. Myers traffic.    There’re bad drivers here just like anywhere, but I always thought the Florida drivers in Tampa were worse than here.  One problem is that in our development for some reason we have some impatient people who can’t wait the 45 seconds it takes in order for someone pulling into, looking for, or pulling out of a driveway to actually get to where they’re going and so pull around and dash past the offender, no matter what it takes.  Why should they wait?  Doesn’t the world know they need to GET there?

My dad gave me a story of someone in the grocery store line before they came up, which is a good example of that kind of person, I think.  A lady was in front of my father in the lane marked ‘Express Lane – 10 items or less – No Checks’.  She couldn’t afford the luxury of worrying about rules, signs, or inconveniencing other people and not only violated the 10 items rule, and the ‘No Checks’ rule, but she was even wanting to write the check for more than the amount of purchase and get money back.  There was a limit on the amount she could get back, but limits don’t apply to her, so she had to wait for a manager to okay it.  It’s an entitlement mentality, where the ‘rules’ of society don’t apply.  Rules that keep us from strangling each other… most of the time.  Bend the rules?  Okay, fine… going 65 in a 55, sure, whatever.  Going 115?  Nyet.  Bend, but don’t break.

It did used to concern me when someone snuck into the emergency lane in order to move up a huge lane of traffic.  People dodging into the carpool lane with 1 person in the car only to get back into the regular lanes about 200 feet before a policeman.  They may get away with it 80%, 90% of the time… if they do it 2-3 times and get away with it and never do it again then fine, they’re ahead.  Yay!  They’re winning in the game of life because they drove in the express lane with no penalty!  But if it is a regular habit… they will get caught.   That kind of thing just isn’t worth worrying about to me anymore.  Again, here’s where I think my poker study has really gotten internalized, and can be applied.  It’s all about a little thing called ‘variance’ and probabilities, and weighing risks and rewards.

Other than the Georgia drivers everyone had a good time these holidays.  Tyler was so excited he woke up at 1:30am Christmas Day (does it count as ‘Christmas Day’ yet?).  He woke Cameron about an hour later.  They’ve been enjoying their gifts ever since. 

My parents got to go to a party at one of our friends’ house and get some insight into the people behind the blog entries.  Amanda and Derrick came up so my parents could see the girls.  Aurora really digs Christmas.  Saturday we met Teresa’s parents and brother at Amanda’s.  Last night was a farewell pot-luck for John and Christie, who have moved to Washington DC.  And tonight is NYE, and we’re going over to Julie and Dave’s.  And in between all this eating there have been cookies, and pies, and …ugggghhh… so much food.

I weighed myself this morning and despite it all I’m only 4 pounds heavier than I was two weeks ago.  Feels like more, though, because my ring is tight. 

Guess I better go and get ready for the party tonight.


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