Asian Lady Bug Fever

They AREN’T lady bugs.  They’re Multi-Colored Asian Lady Beetles.  What the difference is between a Lady Beetle and a Lady Bug is, well, I’ll leave that to the insectologists.    But they’re everywhere in my basement and when I pick them up to throw them off my desk they have a lousy smell.

They have a lousy taste, too, because one crawled into a water bottle and I didn’t realize it.

They’re harmless, and eat aphids and all that wonderful things that carnivorous bugs do, but they stink.  But only if you make’em mad.  Vacuums make them mad, too.  I’ve already done one sweep of the ceiling and door-jam in the basement, but it’s time for another.  They’re pretty much everywhere and all day I see them crawling across my desk, or falling from the florescent light fixture above.

There isn’t a whole lot to write about.  Poker has been a roller-coaster ride lately.  Just a wee bit of bad luck at bad times, but I’ve been able to recover from it fairly quickly enough that I’m still slowly increasing my bankroll.  Here’s a pretty graph of my progress since August… a BB is a ‘big blind’ which started out being a dime at the start of the graph but after about 1/3rd of it it became a quarter.

Green is good.  Played a few tournaments when the cash games were getting annoying to me, and the tournaments were even more annoying so it kind of set the expectation better.

I keep thinking I’m going to go play at the local bowling alley in their league, but then I think I could just stay home and make some real money playing.  Luckily that’s been true more often then it hasn’t.

The boys definitely have the holiday spirit.  They’ve been listening to Christmas Carols on the radio 24/7.  Debbie, if you want to listen over there in Liberia try B985 or 94.9 The Bull.  Both those stations are playing Christmas 24/7.  The Bull is a country station, so they’re Christmas music is a bit more gospel if you prefer that.   I know you said you listened to Red Sox games over the Internet, so don’t know if you connect often enough to listen to music.

Oh well excuse me, Mr. Internet.  I just typed ‘internet’ and the editor I use corrected it to Internet (capital I).  Hope I didn’t offend.. 🙂

Work is work.  Trying to keep my Honey-Do list as short as possible by doing the things when they come up rather than putting them off.  So far so good.


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