Tie a knot in it, boys. We ain’t stopping.

Went to Larry and Carolyn’s house for Thanksgiving.  Carolyn cooked one turkey in her convection oven, and I fried one again (Teresa’s mom had brought home some burn medicine from the ER just in case, heh).  They were actually very comparable in taste and juiciness.  It was hard to really tell them apart once they were carved.  Both were scrumptious.

On the way down we stopped and picked up Amanda and the girls.  Aurora was as precocious as ever, and Bella was as cute as a button.  I took some video of them, and I hope to get it digital soon, but I still haven’t gotten Tyler’s 10th birthday party yet, so I’m a little behind on my video duties.

Teresa’s brother Dean is living in Columbus, GA now, so he got a chance to spend Thanskgiving with us, too.

Teresa’s parents had rescued a little dog that looks like a cross between a chihuahua and a shetland sheep dog.  It looks like a little fox.  The boys fell in love with it and carried it around, and it followed them everywhere they went.  Even home with us.  Yeah, we have two dogs now, Bingo and Harley.  I told the boys it was their Christmas present.  He looks like a puppy but the vet said he’s full grown.  Tyler carries Bingo up to his top-bunk to sleep with him at night.  Last night when I went in to turn off their radio Bingo was laying on his pillow with him.  Tyler even told me today that Bingo’s bowl was empty and he needed a cup to put food in it, and he did!  Tyler even brushed him today!  They’ve said that they (Tyler and Cameron) take care of Bingo, and I take care of Harley.  I still get the ‘take the dogs out’ job, and I swear I haven’t seen Bingo poop yet.  But so far Tyler’s done very well.

While we were loading the van for the trip home Harley slipped out of the house, and so when we were all packed we were a dog short (we had Bingo in the van, because HE doesn’t run away).  We spent about 45 minutes driving around Homeland looking for a loose dog, since we knew we couldn’t count on anyone picking him up and calling the number on his tag.  Y’see, Homeland has more than a few loose dogs roaming the area.  Little bit different than up here in Cumming where people stop their cars and call the number on their cellphone when they see Harley wandering (yes, that has happened).  Amanda had to get back in order to get to work, so we could only look for so long.  As providence would have it, as soon as we stopped looking and headed up the road he walked out of the woods across the street.  We were behind schedule a bit, so Teresa’s Mom drove up the road a piece in order to meet us and give us our dog back.  I was very happy, since that meant I wouldn’t have to drive back down later.  We had to get Amanda back, after all, so I had considered leaving Teresa and the boys there while I took Amanda home, or I would just drive back down later.  I think he’s earned a leash whenever we’re trying to pack to go anywhere.    Infuriating dog!

Now Amanda had to be at work in LaGrange at 5:30pm, we were just leaving Waycross at nearly 1pm, and we had a baby, a toddler, two dogs, and two boys in the car.  I figured it was right at 250 miles, but we had about six small Georgia towns to drive through (which means alot of "Speed Zone Ahead" and "Speed checked with radar devices" signs). 

Tie a knot in it, boys. We ain’t stopping.

We actually did stop.  Twice.  The girls had to go potty.  Girls aren’t good with knots.

But we made it to Longhorn at 5:15pm.  Bella was not a happy girl on the way back.  Aurora’s never been a real good traveller, either, since she has that ‘perpetual motion’ organ that means that if she stops moving she’ll die.  And of course if Bella gets out of her seat to get fed and calmed down every once in a while, that means it’s okay for Aurora, too. 

The van was awfully quiet once we dropped off Amanda and sent the girls home with Derrick.

And when we got home, suddenly it was Christmas time.  One of the houses on the street is actually already decked out in Christmas lights!  That, of course, started the questions from the boys.  I’m beginning to think that the boys love Thanksgiving because it means that right after Thanksgiving, it’s Christmas! 

We’ve been preparing for Christmas and decorating the house the past few days.  Going through Christmas lights, pulling boxes out of the attic and the garage, transforming the house.  I got the tree up and lit last night.  We’re going with our smaller tree (only 6′) this year.  Teresa’s suggested it the past couple years, so we’re going to see.  It’s easier on the back, too, since I don’t have to move the huge marble and iron table into the garage.  Today they’re decorating it, and the upstairs.  Hanging stockings, etc.  Tyler asked last night if we could have a stocking for Bingo this year.  "Bingo’s first christmas!" the boys said.  "Well, just with us," Mr. Realistic Dad replied.

Addendum: I pulled the Christmas bins out of the attic and garage today at lunch.  Teresa and the boys unpacked everything, decorated the house,  and put the packing materials back into the bins in about 3 hours.  I then put the bins back into the garage and attic.  I observed regarding the Christmas bins, "Wow, down and back in the same day."  Teresa added, "Yeah, the first time. Ever."

I’m reading the boys Treasure Island at night.  I really should say I’m reading Treasure Island aloud to myself at night, and explaining it to the boys right after.  The language is a bit difficult for them to understand, so they don’t always follow along with the story.

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