One-Eyed Jacks Wild

Tyler and I have this game that I’ve been trying to discourage.  Back when he was younger, and smaller, he would leap on my back, and I’d carry him around usually saying things like "Where’s Tyler?  Anyone seen Tyler?" Standard Daddy fare, right?

Tyler’s gotten a little bit bigger so the act of him leaping on my back has been known to cause issues.  Slight injuries, perhaps a little soreness.  I’ve told him, "You’re too big now!  Don’t do that!"  But he still does.  I think because he IS bigger and can actually get a good hold on my shoulders now he likes it better than before.

Saturday we were attending Bella’s First Birthday (I have video, but no photos, because … well, I’ll get to that).  We were getting ready to leave and standing out in the front yard.  I whirled Cameron around a couple times, and Aurora wanted to be whirled.  I whirled Aurora a couple times and Tyler wanted to be whirled.  I whirled Tyler a couple times and Aurora wanted to be whirled, and so on.  Finally I was tired and called the end to the whirling.  Teresa’s brother and I were talking as he was leaving and I heard something behind me, so I turned my head….

… and Tyler’s fingers went slap into my eyeball as he tried to jump on my back.  A brief flash and general eye-poke pain followed, along with some watering.  Directly afterwards, after some considerable coaxing,  I was able to convince my eye to open, and even to stop watering.  I could kind of feel like there was still something in my eye, and reckoned I had a scratch on my eyeball, but it was still working and wasn’t giving me much trouble at all.  I figured that the scratch feeling would go away eventually.

It didn’t.

We met Tammie and Chris at a japanese over the counter hibachi place, ate, and then Tammie and Teresa went off while Chris and I took the kids back to their house.  My eye bothered me, but it really wasn’t that bad.

I was due back home around midnight in order to attend a weekend patching window for my work.  We support phone systems, so the best time to make sure they keep working right is to patch them in the middle of the night when nobody is likely to need them.  Our ‘window’ was until 4am (which actually was 5am because the time changed in the middle of the window).  I was watching, rather than doing, but watching means ‘opening your eyes’.  Generally I needed warning when there was something I needed to watch, and it would take me some time to get to the point where I could watch.  I made it through, but it was very hard, and then I went to bed for about 26 hours.

Sunday I pretty much stayed in bed.  Tried to listen to podcasts to catch up on my last week but mostly that just put me to sleep.  And sleep I did.  When I was awake, I just layed there with my eyes shut and watering.  Sunday night I got out of bed to watch Amazing Race, but that was about all my eye could take and I went back to bed.  Teresa lobbied for me to go see a medical professional about it.  Late Sunday I finally said okay, in the morning, but you’ll have to drive me.  She replied, "Maybe it’ll be better by then."

And it is!  This morning my eyeball feels much better.  I can still feel a little bit of where the scratch was, and it still wants to water periodically, but the hot pokers being shoved into my eyeball are gone.  Phew… that first night/morning was horrible.  Tell you one thing… I’m never going to be caught without protective eye covering when I’m using my power-tools again.

Back to the reason why we don’t have still photos… I think I’ve entered into a new phase of forgetfulness.  It used to be that I would just plain forget things.  Leave the house and realize I didn’t even LOOK for my wallet, or my phone, or whatever.  But now, I DID look for my wallet.  I grabbed the whole bowl where I put my pocket stuff and threw it in my pockets, which I thought included my wallet (which was found later the next day in the bushes near my car where it had slipped through my fingers when I got out Friday night).  Also I went to the basement to gather cameras and grabbed the video camera and stuck it in the bag, the still camera and put it in the bag (I thought), and the video camera charger and battery, and put them in the bag.  Grabbed the bag and left.  Make it to Amanda’s and lo and behold, just the video camera.  Now I’m not just forgetting things… I’m convincing myself that I didn’t forget them, and THEN forgetting them.


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