The Detritus Boomeranged

Hey all… hadn’t posted in a while so I thought I’d jot one down.

The garage is waxing and waning.  Teresa took a bunch of the surplus from the garage to a yard sale last weekend, but didn’t do much of the ‘sale’ portion.  Only 5 cars showed up (not counting ours)… on a Saturday morning.  What would cause such a thing?  Truly life as we know it is coming to an end.  They called it a game at about 11am and the detritus boomeranged back to our garage.  It’s going to make it to Goodwill sooner or later (as in as ‘sooner’ as I load it back into the van and we have nothing else to haul, move, deliver, do, etc., etc.).

The kids are excited about Halloween.  Tyler’s going to be the Grim Reaper.  He has a skeleton mask with a hood that drips blood, and we’re fashioning him a scythe.  Cameron’s going to be a ninja.  He’s wearing the same costume he wore 2 years ago, I think.

They’re planning to go over to one of the more kid-populated neighborhoods rather than our disappointing neighborhood.  I’ll stay behind in case we get some trick-or-treaters.  Plus it’s the all-night live edition of the Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi!  Can’t miss that! 

On the subject of TV shows, I had my own little edition of ‘Survivorman’, the show where a guy gets dropped out in some wilderness and he has to survive on his own.  Except that I didn’t exactly get stranded anywhere, and I didn’t have to eat bugs.  In fact, I was watching a college football game, sorta.

Y’see it was a Goosebumps marathon on one of the kids’ channels.  And I had to watch my college football games, so we set the Goosebumps to record.  When the box is recording the ‘live’ TV comes in on the 2nd satellite input which was having a little trouble finding the signal.  ‘Little trouble’ as in ‘watching a bunch of colored, blocky squares and not hearing any sound’.

I went and looked and it appeared to me that some young trees might be in the way of the reception.  And I don’t have a chainsaw (that starts) or an axe (that I can find, even tho we just cleaned the garage).  What do I have?  I have a saw, and a cordless drill!  I was a bit surprised at how big the tree’s trunk was, considering how young it was… maybe 8" circumference.  I hacked and sawed and chewed my way through it with the drill and saw.  Eventually it came down.

It didn’t help the satellite reception, but at least I know that if Armageddon comes I can hack down some trees with a saw and cordless drill (hopefully after Armageddon there is still electricity to charge the drill) and make a house.

I thought I fixed it at one point… it got better, but then last night I watched something that must have recorded the same time as another Goosebumps (more like chicken pox… we have 26 episodes recorded right now) and it was flaking out again.  Maybe I need to call them.

Work’s busy.  Just got back from Dallas where we were planning out the next big project.  Still wrapping up this one, but it’s never too early to start the next one.

It’s going to get pretty crazy around here in holiday time.  November’s Bella’s birthday and Thanksgiving.  We’re going to be doing Thanksgiving at Teresa’s parent’s house.  December is Aurora’s birthday and Christmas.  Plus we have some hockey tickets, and an observatory to visit.  Busy, busy…

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