The Garage

Cue the spooky movie theme.  It could be a horror movie.  You know the ones that keep having sequel after sequel and the bad guy that never ever, ever dies.  That’s our garage.

We had another sequel this weekend, and we actually made a lot of progress on it.  With cabinets from a friend who is moving away, and a lot of sweat the garage is making progress.  Teresa asked me if I still used deodorant at one point (the answer is mostly yes). 

We still have a lot work to do… but the work is visible work rather than the spectre of the unknown and the general disarray that the garage has been since we moved in.  Now we can SEE our storage bins, we have access to a corner of the garage we’ve not seen since we’ve moved in, and the only real unorganized areas are my tools, and our camping gear.

The boys got a TV cabinet put up in their room.  They’re very excited, as if this is a promise to them that they will eventually have a TV in their room.  Not too sure about that, but we’ll see.

I’m pretty worn out today.

This weekend was the first weekend in a long time that I actually felt good.  I don’t know what it was but all last week I was very tired.  Today at least I have a reason to be tired.  Last week it was just a general blah.

I’ll be travelling again this week… to Dallas, for work.  Flying down on Tuesday and back late Thursday.  This week will go by fast.

Last week when we delivered the refrigerator down to Amanda and Derrick we also picked up Aurora for a while.  When they came to pick her up last Tuesday they all went with the boys and Teresa’s homeschooling friends to a pumpkin patch and went on a hayride.  One of the homeschooling mom’s is a photographer, and took an amazing picture of Bella.  She sent us a copy of the picture so I’ll give her web-site a plug, too.  She specializes in maternity, birth, infant and child photography.


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