Same ole same ole

The past two weeks have been getting back in the swing of things again.  I feel it’s probably taken that long to get back into the feel for everything at work again, and this weekend I was actually motivated enough to do some work around the house.

The first weekend back I watched college football all day Saturday, and it was a pretty good day even tho Florida lost to LSU.  I reallllly wanted the Gators to pull that one out so that Auburn could have a decent shot at the SEC West title.  Kentucky did us the favor of beating LSU this weekend, and we scraped a win out of Arkansas so our fate is in our hands next weekend.  Teresa let me get away with that day.

Sunday we drove down to Amanda’s cuz her fridge died while they were at the grocery store spending money, and so lost not only what was already in the fridge, but everything else as well.  Teresa found a bargain and I went and picked it up that morning, and we drove it down to them.  We picked up a bit more than we bargained for, and we brought a virus home as well.  It just hit Cameron and I, and he’s the only one that actually threw up.  I just wore out the carpet between my desk and the bathroom.

We also brought Aurora back and she’s been with us all week.  Somehow it was even my idea… I mentioned something about letting us kidnap Aurora, and next thing I know she’s packing.  She’s been extremely obedient, although still very inquisitive.  She’s really been absolutely wonderful, but it has been a bit long for her.  She’s a bit homesick, and I’m about ready to have a night where children don’t fill up the space between Teresa and I in bed.

So this weekend I finally felt that I was adjusted back into my life enough to do some work around the house.  I mowed, hopefully for the last time this year, and cleaned up the yard a bit.  Teresa pulled weeds out of the beds.  I sharpened and adjusted the hedge-trimmer so we could give them a haircut, "Why does they need a haircut?  They don’t have hair," Aurora said.  Today we did a bit in the garage, and put up some Halloween decorations in the yard.

Ooops, my battery’s almost dead.  I need to send this up and get to sleep.


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