Car Mice

Before I left for Seattle I had a chore to do.  I had to cut a large sheet of plywood into rectangles for Teresa and their co-op, because they needed plywood rectangles for a salt-dough project.  They were making different land-types on it, like peninsulas, islands, and stuff like that. 

I set up my sawhorses, got out my saw, and I even made an executive decision in what the best size for the plywood rectangles.  Usually I make sure Teresa gives me precise instructions but she didn’t really seem to care so I maximized the number of rectangles I could get from the wood.

While I was doing this I stuck my key in my ignition and cranked the radio.  My car has a good radio, and I’ve been appreciating music alot lately, especially when I’m doing something industrious.

Problem was that after I was done I didn’t remove the keys.  Two days later I left for Seattle, and my sister’s wedding celebration.  I don’t need to tell you when I got back my battery was dead.

I had to run to the office while I was home between Seattle and Myrtle Beach because I’ve been officially evicted from my cubicle (aww shucks) in my office, and I had some stuff to get.  I found my keys still in my ignition, and pulled the van around to jump off the car.  Well it was REALLY dead, because it stalled going up the driveway.  I jumped it again and drove to the office … and guess what… it was still dead.  "I need a battery" I thought.

Teresa came and I jumped the car off again and got it home, and then we went to Myrtle Beach for a week.  The week after we got back Teresa was busy for the first few days, and then I was busy so I didn’t get a battery until yesterday afternoon.

I get a battery, pop the hood, start looking to see what I do to take it out and I hear a squeak, and a couple plops.

A field mouse had crawled up and was in the middle of giving birth to a litter of mouselets in between the hood and the hood-insulation.  The mama ran away while I was inside calling to the boys, and she took one baby with her but left one behind and one more fell out while I was showing the boys.  I believe those who feed them to snakes and lizards call them ‘pinkies’.  I just tossed them under the car so maybe Mama could track them down, but wasn’t too concerned with their health.

While putting the new battery in I start screwing the terminal bolt into the battery and it pops out and disappears down into the engine somewhere.  I get a flashlight to no avail.  I finally see one, down deep and get a magnet to try to fish it out.  The bolt isn’t magnetic… must be aluminum or something.  I finally fish it out, and it IS a battery terminal screw… but it’s not the one I dropped!  Whoever replaced the battery before must have dropped it down in there…. and I’m glad they did.  The car is now road-worthy again.


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