The first observation I want to post is that laptops are still not small enough to fit on an airplane tray.  Especially if the person sitting in the seat in front of you is feeling the urge to recline.

I’m typing this flying home from Seattle on the plane.  Alaska Airlines seats are actually quite roomy, and although it is a tight fit with my laptop and the seat in front of me reclined, I don’t need to tuck it under my chin and rest the keyboard on my chest as I type.  That’s how it was flying up on the American Airlines flight.

It has been a very busy week, so I’ll try to condense this as much as I can… 

Thursday afternoon was my flight out.  Atlanta decided to break it’s horrible drought on the day that all the westward flights were flying through Atlanta.  I’m sure one rainstorm didn’t completely break the drought, but it was rain that we hadn’t seen in some time.  Forethought and planning had us flying out on Thursday before the wedding events, rather than later, so we had plenty of time to absorb the delays.  Lightning struck the terminal where I was sitting, and let me tell you a huge crash and boom are the last things you want to hear when you’re sitting in an airport.  Fortunately I was looking out the window and had seen the lightning flash, so it wasn’t too worrisome.  I saw some googly eyes (not to be confused with google-y eyes) around me though as people looked around.

Immediately after the crash came the announcement, "Ladies and gentleman, there will be a delay until the threat of lightning passes."  45 minutes late we boarded, 90 minutes late we boarded.  The lineup of planes for the runways looked like the line to the woman’s restroom at a sporting event.  Out the door ad around the corner.  My flight actually got to go off 6th.  While we were taxing they had decided to flip the runway and have people land and take off from the other direction and since we were late heading towards the runway we were nearly first in line.  More enterprising pilots took a different way around, though, and cut in front so we ended up 6th.  Better than 26th, though.

My flight from Dallas took off at 6:00 pm.  I was supposed to have a 90 minute lay-over, but the 90-minute take-off delay killed my chances of catching that.  It was close enough so that I was hopeful enough until we were on the ground and the flight attendant came over the speaker and said "If your plane leaves before 6:10, just go talk to the desk."  That went smooth as silk.

Meanwhile I’m calling Laura, calling Dad, calling Teresa, calling Laura, calling Dad to tell of the delay and to arrange new pickups.  Mom & Dad’s flight was delayed two-fold… once by the Atlanta delay, and once by the storms they had in their area.  I was getting in late, but they were getting in stupid late.

We finally decided Laura would still pick me up, and Dad would still rent a car… which was a story in itself.  Evidently if you rent a car from Budget with a scheduled pick-up time of 11:45pm, and pick it up at 2am it qualifies as "the next day" and the clerk tried to say the reservation was no good.  Then, after giving my Dad every opportunity to become a grumpy customer  (at 2am) wonders why he did.  She works the nightshift and she’s not used to tired people?  That episode deserves a letter to the company.

Friday my Dad went and picked up Aunt Donna and we went up to Snoqualmie Falls and ate in the ‘Attic’.  The place itself looked absolutely like an attic with only a few tables around, a fireplace, pointed ceilings, and some windows overlooking the falls.  After we ate (I had an open-faced meatloaf sandwich, passing up the hamburger since we were having a BBQ the next day), we went down to the overlook and I took my Dad’s camera and started snapping pictures.  He took it back and tried to take a look at them but ended up deleting them all.  Thus is the peril of digital photography.  Aunt Donna got some family pictures on her camera, though, so hopefully copies of those will end up in my hands.

Friday night was the men’s night, and we went to a restaurant where I ate too much, again.  I met Shad’s dad, Jack, and Augie (I never caught if Augie is a relation or friend, and didn’t think to ask). I think lunch, which ended up around 3:30pm, and dinner, which was around 6:30pm were actually (my wife is going to be shocked, shocked I tell you when I type this) too close together.  I ordered the fish & chips, which I expected to be a nice light dinner after my meatloaf lunch….   and then we returned home to watch a Western. 

Saturday we drove downtown and picked up my Aunt Donna and Mom’s nursing school friend Barbie in order to go do some sight-seeing.  We decided to ‘Ride the Ducks’ and had a good time on that with tour-guide comedy.  The funniest was as he pulled alongside joggers with the Rocky theme blaring.  iPods ruin the joke as they never heard us, but we all got a kick out of it.  Barbie was a bit nervous about the whole idea of driving in the water, but it all turned alright and we only lost a couple people off the side.  Mom later confessed that she was a bit bothered by it, too.. maybe it was because the driver held up a bathtub plug and asked if anyone knew where it went.  I again usurped my father’s camera and went a little creative with it.  When we ended it was still quite early… too early to head up to the BBQ so we stopped for a couple drinks.

Saturday night was the BBQ out at Shad’s parents, Jack and Lyn’s, where we got to meet some of Shad’s relations and have a few beers and hamburgers.  It was very relaxed, and there was a big sky.  It turned out to be a bit of a tutorial in ‘How to Use Your Digital Camera’ as I told Barbie and Aunt Donna about the different settings on their cameras.  I took a few pictures of the crowd, and dad took some landscapes of some far-away balloons.

Sunday was the main event, the reception.  I stayed at the house most of the day but Mom and Dad went down and got Aunt Donna and Barbie for a run at Pike’s Place Market.  Dad’s rental really only sat about 4.5 people, and with all 5 of us it would get a bit cramped so I begged out for comfort’s sakes.  They came back to get ready and we all headed down to the reception.  Dad got us to the right area and I was looking at the map but we still ended up circling a few times and having to call Laura to make sure where the place was… it was pretty non-descript, called the Palace Ballroom and there was a Palace Kitchen right across the street that caught my eye.  Later we got teased for circling around…  The reception was marvelous, with all kinds of food and beer.  They had about 7 or 8 different kinds of beer and I was trying to make it through all of them.  One particularly good beer was named "Session’, although I ended up drinking an India Pale Ale.  I also became the defacto photographer as I again swiped my Dad’s camera and started taking pictures of everything.  The wedding reception absolutely complete, with Shad’s Uncle Ed taking the microphone and opening his heart to Laura and Shad.

Monday we resumed being tourists and went to the Space Needle for lunch.  I had a hamburger… again, but this one was about a pound and a half.  I didn’t finish it.  It cost $25, but the minimum food order per person had to be $30, so I had to get a beer with it.  The ber was good, too, a local brewery although I didn’t catch the name.

And on the sixth day I rested, and it was good.

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