Pouring Coffee

It’s the year 2582.  Mankind has reached the stars, has developed the moon (where they are fighting lunar warming, due to man’s influence on the moon in creating an atmosphere where there never was one which has driven the lunar environmentalists crazy), cured cancer, AIDS, and the common cold.  Art Stanton v.25 (that’s computer shorthand for version 25, like software) grabs his coffee caraffe off of the burner, goes to pour coffee in his cup, and it dribbles down the side and drips on the counter.

I don’t think this is a problem mankind can ever solve.  Coffee has a mind of it’s own and goes where it wants.  I have found the trick to pouring coffee isn’t that you can tell it where to go, you have to ask it, and encourage it.

"I’m tipping the caraffe over just in case you’d like to exit it and go into my cup, without going all over the counter, please!" you must say to it.

If you ask nicely enough it will deliver itself unto your coffee cup, and it will be good.  If you aren’t sincere it will know this and drip down the side of the caraffe dripping on your newspaper, your keyboard, your planner, or whatever else you don’t really want to have coffee drip stains.

Then you lift your coffee cup to your mouth, take a sip, set it back on the counter and notice a small rebellious drip of coffee drips down the side.


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