Tonight’s Sunset


I love my back porch.  You’d think I sit on it more.  Maybe I should move my computer out there.

I was hanging plates and pictures up around the kitchen tonight.  I thought it was probably about time I crossed some things off of the honey-do list.  With all the vacations, trips, and trips-to-come I’ve not been a very productive sort this summer.  It’s a small thing, hanging pictures, but something that’s easily overlooked when I’m in my normal rut.  Plus we got a new bunch from Teresa’s parents while we were down there.

Did I mention my grass is dead?  Evidently Georgia has been something of a sauna while we’ve been gone into the mild weather of Florida.  But without the water you can ladle onto the hot-rocks… and the naked people wrapped in towels.  Absolutely no rain, and hot, hot, hot.  My yard is dry and crackling.  I thought I’d come back to a jungle but instead I’ve come back to a savanna outside, but without the lions and giraffes.

I talked with Paul for a while the other night.  USF is getting a pretty respectable football team and has even scheduled a game with Auburn this year.  His oldest already knows how to say ‘Go Bulls!’, and he’s throwing a gameday party.  Paul is, not Joshua.  That’s September 8th.

Next week is a Labor Day party over at Kelley’s (we’re trading off parties this year, and since we did the 4th she gets Labor Day… so I guess we get Halloween).  That’s September 2nd.

September 13th I head to Seattle to spend a week with my sister and celebrate her marriage.  I return on the 19th.

September 23rd we head to North Carolina for a much-needed vacation (!).  We’re going with a couple other of our families/friends at the same time so it will be more like a ‘let’s go have fun’ than ‘let’s get away’ type vacation.

Phew.  I think I’m going to be ready for a rut after next month.  Paul wanted me to go on a white-water rafting trip on the 21st…. but geez… 4 activities??  In the same MONTH??  You’ve got to be kidding me.  I’m so stressed from all this leisure activity!  I’m pretty sure that when I have to start looking at my calendar to see if I’m ‘free’ I need blood pressure medication.

Did I mention Teresa wants to paint the garage floor this weekend?

Yeah… that back porch is looking mighty attractive.


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