The Lollipop Guild

We’ve been on the road here for about a week.  I’ve considered this week a ‘vacation’ of sorts for Teresa, so in the mornings when I get up I’ve tried not to bug her too much.  I’ve been getting up around 7am or so, and rolled out of bed to attempt to let her sleep in a bit more.  I’ve taken extra care to make sure my phone alarm doesn’t go off to wake her up too soon.

This morning I had left my phone out in the living room, and I think my parents turned it off.  The result being that I woke up next to my wife while she was stirring, too.  It’s been a while since I had a good cuddle, so I rolled over and cuddled for a while.

It was nice.. and we talked a little bit.  I was being romantic… or as near as I could get in the morning, considering morning breath and all that.  She was nice enough, and I didn’t notice her laughing or snickering.

Tyler came in to get clothes, and my bladder decided to wake up around then, so I rolled out and went into the bathroom.  I looked in the mirror and notice that my bedhead was a cross between






Nice.  Really romantic.

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