Red with white stripes or….

Went to the beach on Sunday, and I don’t know if I’m red with white stripes, or white with red stripes.  I’m getting ahead of myself… I should back up a few days…

We’re in Homeland, Georgia again.  I’m with the family at Teresa’s parents.  We drove down on Friday evening after I finished off my work for the day and have been here since.

Travelling has actually gotten a bit easier for us.  The boys in the back watch their movies with headphones, which leaves the van pretty quiet, and allows me to listen to audio books.  I’m not sure that Teresa is very crazy about this idea… have you ever tried to read a book while someone was reading another book to you?  Especially if the book is the slightest bit interesting, and the book I’m currently listening to is interesting.

But I think she prefers that to listening to Power Rangers fighting alien karate experts.

The book I’m currently listening to is ‘Odd Thomas’ by Dean Koontz.  It’s about a fellow who can see the walking dead, and also grim shadows that he cals ‘bodocks’ that enjoy violent suffering, and appear before it happens, and he’s trying to figure out what’s about to happen and how to prevent it.

I know what’s about to happen because I read the book after it already (really read it, not listen-read it), but like watching a movie for the fifth or sixth time, there is nothing I can do to warn the hero about what’s coming. 

So it’s interesting, and Teresa has a hard time getting reading done while we’re in the car.  But that was Friday…

Saturday we didn’t do anything special.  The boys swam in the pool, watched TV, and Teresa helped her mom take inventory of their house.  We went shopping, to Wal-Mart.  That’s a bit of a tradition when Teresa’s parents and Teresa are together.  Not to get anything major, but just to go shopping.  We had some groceries we needed.  Tyler and Cameron got watches, and what a difference having a clock on his wrist has made for Tyler.  Last night he actually came out of the room at 9:30 saying ‘Jammie Time!’ and ran to get dressed.  But I’m getting ahead of myself again.

I forgot to mention that Teresa’s parents are part gypsy.  Not in the ‘wearing colorful handkerchiefs’ kind of way, but in the ‘can’t live in one place for more than two years’ kind of way.  Cameron might have a touch of that blood, too, because he asked me recently when we’re moving again.  I told him we’re not.  But Teresa’s parents are now in the process of moving. 

They’ve purchased a fifth wheel camper, and plan on finding a place to plant it, albeit temporarily, in Florida.  It’s a nice camper.. Teresa, the boys and I are sleeping in it at night.  It would most certainly simplify life to live in a camper.

Teresa’s dad said that the house they currently live in is only good for keeping all their crap dry, and so if they got rid of most of it they wouldn’t need anything more than a camper.  Early in their life together Teresa’s parents lived in campers much smaller than the one they’ve just bought so they’re used to the life.  Teresa was brought home to a camper.  Part gypsy, I tell you.

If our roots hadn’t been so firmly established up in Cumming I think we might even be tempted to move down here to the house, while they move around in the camper.  Part of me is incredibly relieved we have friends.  The other part thinks maybe it would be fun to live down here… maybe that gypsy has rubbed off.  I’ve always wanted to move back to Florida, and this is pretty close.  But if you move this close you might as well move all the way and get the benefits.

Sunday we went to the beach.  I don’t know if it is because the amount of real-estate the sunblock has to cover on me these days, or if I’m just inept at sunblock but I cannot seem to get a uniform exposure to the sun.  I’ve got stripes on my arms, and my chest has a bit of a weird design on it where I think I fell asleep with a ziplock baggie with ham and cheese roll-ups on my chest.  The boys are fine, except a bit on their face where they wipe out the salt-water.  Teresa’s fine… just me.  It was never painful, just a bit odd-looking.


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