Home Again

The family is home again.  In fact, we had more family than ever over the weekend.  Aurora, Bella and Amanda spent the weekend, too.

Teresa had stopped by Amanda’s on the way down to Pensacola and picked up Aurora to take her to the beach. On the way home she picked up Amanda and Bella so that they could attend a homeschool conference with Teresa and friends over the weekend.

Friday and Saturday the ladies went to the conference, and the kids stayed at one house or another.  Friday I had extra kids, and on Saturday I pawned them off on Dave as I ran around with a trailer and gathered the various things Amanda had purchased from garage sales prior to going to the homeschool conference.  When I returned Dave, the kids and I went to the pool and spent most of the afternoon there.  We were there for two applications of sunblock, and the question "Didn’t you use sunblock?!" still came up later.  Nobody was really sunburned, but my face got a bit of sun since I’m much more protective about the kids than about myself.

Dinner was spent with stores about the ladies’ Florida trip, the most amusing being the story of a baby bird that fell into the middle of the canal which Kelly manually retrieved and returned to the edge.  Manually as in "walked into the middle of the canal to get".  They had boats and such, but I guess it wasn’t an aquatic bird so time was of the essence.

Sunday was spent taking Amanda and her new entertainment center, Playskool Pirate Boat,  and rocking horse down to LaGrange in the ‘community trailer’.  My muscles are sore today and I’ve been wondering why all morning, because this really wasn’t that big of a chore (other than the driving 250 miles there and back).  It’s probably from hurling children around the pool on Saturday more than moving furniture yesterday.

Back when everyone was getting ready to build garden boxes they needed a way to haul the dirt around. Bev volunteered her trailer as long as she didn’t have to store it in her yard anymore.  Any of the families can use it… the cost of using it is that it sits in the yard of whoever used it last until the next person needs it.  I think it spends 80% of the time in our yard.

Last night I had a dream that I was attending the World Series of Poker, and I was there with Rush Limbaugh.  I wasn’t actually sitting with him.  I had front-row seats and was sitting there by myself but there was a suite that I went to during the breaks and he was always there, smoking a cigar.  Maybe my brain was getting ready for the week, because during lull-times I catch up on Rush Limbaugh and read poker forums.

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