Home Alone

It’s Monday, and Teresa and the kids left on Thursday morning to go spend time in Pensacola with two other families.  Kelly’s family lives there, so they’re staying at Kelly’s parents’ house.

I’m alone… very alone… and have been for … well, what seems like ever.  And I don’t like it.  Yesterday I lost the remote to the television… while I was watching it.  I’m not quite sure how I did that.  I’m starting to think there are little gremlins that take my stuff to watch me look for it, and laugh at me. 

While I was looking for the remote I found my driver’s license which I had just noticed the day before wasn’t where it should be.  The reason for that is kind of complicated, so maybe I’ll save that for a little later.  But the remote disappeared the same time the driver’s license appeared, so the evidence for for the gremlins is mounting.  I found the remote this morning (it was under some newspaper I had moved when looking for it)… which means they brought it back and something else is missing.  I haven’t figured out what’s missing yet…. but I’m sure something is somewhere.

Or maybe I’m reading too much Harry Potter (got the last book on Saturday and am halfway through it).

In the meantime, I’m still alone.  It’s like a business trip, without the trip and the expense account.  Which means I’m cleaning out the fridge, slowly.  Maybe that’s what this should be called, "Let Art Eat the Fridge Clean" trip.

After the birthday parties for me and the nation I was bummed to see that my weight had gone back up to 210.  Almost as soon as I realized that I swore off beer.  That was three weeks ago.  The night I swore it off we went over to Dave and Julie’s, and well, I had some beer.  But I haven’t had any since!  I had pizza that weekend, too, which is a really bad thing when trying to kick-start weight loss.  And Paul had a congratulations party since he got a promotion to a Director-level job at his company.  The party was at a pizza place, but I stoically resisted the beer.  Despite my heroic willpower and resolution, my weight stayed around 210 for THREE WEEKS.

On Friday though it appeared to finally start nosing down a little bit.  I’ve still been resisting the beer, although I’ve got two homebrews chilling… maybe I’ll celebrate hitting 205 and then resume my hiatus for a bit.

Here’s another glimpse into my brain… I have this cool little card-holder wallet that Teresa got me for Christmas a couple years ago.  For the longest time I was keeping all my cards in there and life was good.  Then I kept running into additional cards I needed to keep track of… library cards, grocery store cards, YMCA id’s, the list goes on and on.  We went to Disney World and I decided to keep everything in one of the pockets of my man-purse (fanny pack).  Recently instead of grabbing my fanny pack, I grabbed the cards out of it and stuck them in my pocket.  They’ve yet to return….

Instead of any kind of card-management system I’ve been carrying around a stack of cards in my pocket.

That’s why I couldn’t track down my driver’s license.

It seems when I take a step forward to make my life more… shall we say, ‘consistent’… I end up taking two steps backwards.  Instead of a wallet that doesn’t hold enough, I’m losing track of the cards because it’s just a stack of cards I’m carrying around.  Oh, and my empty wallet.

I’m such a genius.


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