Creative Spam, some poker

Was clearing out my spam folder and came across this gem…


Hello my friend!
I am ready to kill myself and eat my dog, if medicine prices here (url removed) are bad.
Look, the site and call me 1-800 if its wrong..
My dog and I are still alive 🙂


That convinced me.  Poor dog.  I’ve got 3 cases of diet pills coming next week. 

Why in the world would a spammer think that an e-mail user would want him to NOT kill himself?  Wouldn’t about 80% of email users say, "if that’s the way you feel…"  Sounds harsh… maybe it is harsh.  I mean he doesn’t have to die, but it would stop his spam! 

It was caught in my spam filter, so it didn’t hurt me none, I suppose (okay, fine, he can live).  I’m actually quite impressed with the spam filter… very rarely do I have to mark anything as spam, and I’ve not been finding real mail in the spam filter, either.

I just hope the dog is in no danger.  Maybe he’s just looking for an excuse to eat his dog.  In some cultures that is not an unusual thing…

I have some bad news.  Last week Tyler and Cameron got their video games taken away from them.  It was a horrible day and I’m sure Tyler is psychologically scarred for life.  Cameron only cares when Tyler tells him he should.

I feel a little bad for Cameron, because he really just gets caught up.  He can’t play either, because half the time when Cameron is playing Tyler has to ‘help’ him play to get past certain parts.  I can’t let it even be hooked up and let Cameron play because it will be exploited.

Actually Tyler doesn’t seem too concerned about it. Teresa gave him a math workbook with 30 ‘days’ of activities in it.  His reward when he completes the workbook is he gets the Wii back.  It’s been 9 days and he’s done 2 days of work, and he did that today.  He skipped ahead and did Day 15 and told me how easy it was, so maybe now he’ll kick it in.  Lately he’s been doing chores around the house to buy 30 minutes of television here and there.

He and Cameron have been doing a lot of playing, both in and out of the house.  Tyler got a book of card games and card tricks and he’s been devouring that.  Cameron got a book on ‘How to Draw Pokemon’ and he is loving that.  I gave him a folder to carry his drawing materials around in.  Even when their friend Zack came over, who is their video game buddy, we didn’t let them play video games.  Instead they played, and talked about tv shows.

World Series of Poker final table was last night.  I was able to get access to a feed for it so was able to watch a good portion of it, until 3am anyway.  The announcer, Phil Gordon, kept mentioning the online poker community I participate in… but not necessarily in a good light.  It’s typically internet where people criticize a lot of things they don’t really know anything about and take firm stands on issues that don’t concern them.  The strategy discussions are usually pretty good, though.

I was up Monday night until 2am playing a tournament (4th place out of 360 people), and then last night watching poker.  I’m sure I’ll be ready to sleep tonight.  Maybe even this afternoon.

Boring poker content follows:

I found a neat way to use my PokerStars Frequent Player Points.  I can register for Sit-n-Go’s (when 10 people sign up to play the tournament starts… so they GO when everyone SITS) for 70 player points, and when I win I get to sign up for an $11 tournament free.  The distinction between ‘I win $11’ and ‘I get to sign up’ is actually there.  I don’t get $11, I just get to sign up for one for free.  They’re called ‘satellites’.

I’ve won 3/6 so far.  I’ve got more than 6000 frequent player points remaining.

The particular forum that I read is called the ‘Micros’ forum, because we play ‘Micro-stakes’.  Really low stakes poker, which is considered anything up to $2/$4 I think.  Small stakes is $3/$6 to $20/$40, I think…  then medium and high stakes above that.

Our micros forum has a yearly contest called ‘King of the Kiddie Pool’.  I’m the current reigning champion, and have to defend my throne this weekend.  It was about $50 of entry fees… but last year I made money on it (hence defending champion), so I hope to get that back.  I’m using these free tournaments to sign up for them, too.  Fun!

End of boring poker content.

I’ve been watching ‘Deadliest Catch’ on Discovery Channel.  Its about the crab boats that sail from Alaska to go crabbin’ in the Bering Sea.  I told Teresa if she ever left me she could find me on a crab boat.  That was before the show with the boat that just sort of sank and disappeared, though, so I may be reconsidering that option.  They say it’s pretty good for losing weight, though.

They had a 42 year old on some recent shows and they kept talking about how he couldn’t keep up, he was old, etc.  Then another show I watched had a guy that was in his late 60’s!  Either that or he had been crabbing his whole life, was 45, and just looked like his late 60’s.

Just checked out my sister’s blog.. has a cool video of their Elementary end of year program.  Very cool.


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