Harley has been hating his dog food for some time and everytime we take him to someone else’s house he seems to enjoy the other dog’s food.  I blame the kindness of strangers.

When we first got Harley I was in the Pet Store and looking at the foods, remarking to the boys about his scratching. 

"You’ll want to get lamb & rice formula’s then, since he may be allergic to the wheat!" a helpful dog food marketing person suggested.

Since then we’ve been searching and buying different kinds of lamb & rice… but the strange thing is, he never stopped scratching.  Funny how I just accepted this person’s advice and it took me a year to think, "Maybe it’s not working… he’s still scratching."  A couple weeks ago I got a conditioner for his skin (Teresa asked the groomer and they said ‘Labs have dry skin.’)… treated him with that for a few days and his scratching is down 500%.

During my errands yesterday morning one of them included a trip to Wal-Mart to buy him new food.

I was driving down the down lane in the parking lot, and this feller moseys out into the middle of the lane, taking a heading that will take him about 30 minutes to cross over.  Not a guy, not a man… a feller, and it was a distinct mosey.  At first I felt irritation, but this old feller… well, I just hope to make it to that age in order to mosey through a parking lot and if those young whipper snappers have something to say about it, it won’t bother me none.

Hosted a poker game last night… 5 showed up.  It was a blast, as usual.  I think I was getting a headache from laughing so much.  Or my sinuses are starting to act up.  Feel a bit congested this morning.


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