Empty Nest

Teresa and all the boys just left to stay with her friend Tammy for a few days.  The current plan when she left is to do 5 days of activities in 2.5 days.  Callaway, some water park, and other things that didn’t stick in my brain when she told me (yes, I listened, they just didn’t stick… is that my fault?)

I have to admit my first thought was, ‘What am I going to eat?’  We’re out of leftovers.  Soon after I remembered that Publix makes good wings.  Which led to my next thought; "I need to get some beer."

I have some chores to do while she’s gone.  By ‘chores’ I mean things Hercules might find daunting.  And by ‘daunting’ I mean ‘move bookcases.’  Give me stables to wash out with a redirected river any day.  I sorta-kinda agreed to the chores… so don’t think I’m saying that Teresa expects too much of me.  I expect too much of me.

All the errands that I ran around last Saturday to get the pieces for are still unfinished… and those aren’t even part of the things I volunteered that I might be able to possibly do if I get bored.

I’m already hungry…


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