Sunday Morning Coming Down

Title credits go to Johnny Cash… er, I mean Kris Kristofferson

David has moved out.  The dominos have started falling.

It’s all pretty confusing to me, and mostly I just went ahead and moved stuff where I was told but it goes something like this.

Teresa wants to use David’s room as a school room, rather than the dining room off the kitchen, which means we need to move everything out of David’s room, including bunkbeds, desks, and David’s left-behinds.  We took apart the bed I made for the boys to make room for the bunkbeds… they’re getting too big to sleep in it sideways (they never really liked it anyway… they never SAID they didn’t like it , but they usually preferred sleeping on the floor… you figure that one out)… boys old bed to garage (some pieces to basement later, after it’s painted)… a lot of stuff inthe garage (including large steel ex-basement doors) to the curb  because Teresa’s going to paint it, stuff from David’s room down to the garage……  have I lost you yet?  My left bicep was cramping.

I told Teresa we just need to rent a big moving truck, stick everything on it, then unload it again.  I mean, it’s been more than two years since we moved! 

Cameron keeps asking, ‘When are we going to move again?’


This wasn’t on my lists.

Tyler’s close to losing video game privileges for an indeterminate period of time.  It’s gone from ‘interest’ to ‘obsession’.  And that ain’t good.  Any time it’s time to get away from the games it’s usually an emotional breakdown.  So we’re gonna try a little separation time. 

Yeah, yeah, I saw the same report on Fox News where they labelled video games as an ‘addiction’, but …

… stepping up on my soapbox …

I loathe that ‘addiction’ label.  I’ve never been addicted to anything, as far as I know.   Have I been obsessed with things?  Absolutely.  My obsessions over my life have affected my career, my friendships, my school, my budget….. but nothing that a bit of cold water, and risking the things I really cared about didn’t fix.

Well, I’m throwing the cold water on Tyler, since he’s 9, and I was an adult before I had to deal with those things.  And I’m the Dad.  What I say GOES!

lol.. just kidding…

Before I offend Teresa, she hated video games from the start and is probably saying something along the lines of ‘I told you so’ on the inside, but is too nice to voice it.

… stepping down now because I’m laughing too hard …

Went to a birthday party for Gabriella (6) and Kyra (1) yesterday.  All the usual suspects were there.

Just took Harley outside to go to the bathroom.  I’m glad I don’t have to pee with four legs.  He’s constantly peeing on his front legs.  We’re changing his food.

We got lamb and rice because the dog-food lady at the pet store said itching is a sign of allergies.  But it never stopped his scratching, and I don’t think he cares for it to much (this is my nice way of saying I’m tired of cleaning up puke and watching his loose bowels when I take him out).  Teresa said today maybe he needs more fat in his diet, which is an awesome point… so we need to get a different dog food.

Okay… well, I’m in 4 poker tournaments (already lost a bunch today), and I think there’s some ice cream cake calling my name…


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