5:35 AM

I can’t sleep… Cameron couldn’t either so he came to get in bed with us and that woke me up.  I can’t get the Doobie Brothers out of my head… ‘Ole black waters, keep on rollin’….

I’ve got so much work to do on the house.  Teresa makes me lists.  We went to Dave and Julies tonight and had fun, but all I kept on thinking was all the stuff I had to do on the house, but I shouldn’t have because Teresa has it all for me in a list!

  • Hang Gazebo lights
  • Return Keg
  • Return Movies
  • Home Depot for swing hangers, threshold, door trim 
  • Cut the ceiling vent
  • Take the weedeater to figure out why it’s not starting
  • Print photos – we have a bunch of small black frames that I want to print a bunch of our photos in black and white and hang on the wall ala Italian Restaurant style
  • Bottle Beer
  • Haircuts
  • Fix mower
  • Wash cars

Not so bad really, I guess.

Plus I missed my house.  Told an IM buddy today that I’m ready for my butt to grow some roots on it for a while.  I’m planting myself at home and I refuse to go anywhere and do anything!

Oh … we have a birthday party to go to tomorrow.  So much for that.

I told Teresa that I’m done for the next three weeks.  I think she thought I meant chores and stuff but I meant road-trips.  I dunno, maybe I did mean chores and stuff at the time, but I can’t look around at all the stuff and ignore it.  Sigh… being old and responsible.

I’m sitting here in the basement with pipes over my head and I’m hearing the water run just a wee little bit now and again… sounds like a toilet flapper in the house may not be sealing right.  There’s another thing!  Yay!  O the things you can hear late at night.

When I was coming down here I was putting a shirt on… it’s a Dos Equis shirt that we got at a Mexican restaurant we went and ate at on Cinco de Mayo… I didn’t realize it has a drawing of a girl in a thong on it.  Heh.. I wonder where I’ve worn it.  I think about that alot, actually… ‘Where am I going?  Which t-shirt is appropriate, and which isn’t?’ 

Like at Boy Scout events I made sure I wasn’t wearing a beer shirt.  And now I have a heck of a beer shirt.  It says BEER! on the front of it, even.  Well, the boys don’t go to Scouts anymore.

I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 209.  That’s not bad, really, considering I’ve not given more than one and a half thoughts (which isn’t even as many as two thoughts) about what I’ve been eating lately.  And that was the morning after some ice-cream cake.  We still have some (read ‘some’ as ‘an entire cake because we got two’) left over from my birthday-day (as opposed to birthday party-day).  I was supposed to take it over to Dave and Julie’s last night, but forgot it.

209 is the point where my 36 shorts (which are in the majority) are too tight to be comfortable, and my Large t-shirts (which I’ve gotten nearly 10 for my birthday and father’s day in total.. which rocks.. I was tired of my old ones) are … shall we say …. a bit snug?  ‘Sokay… from now on I’m eating better!  I refuse to eat poorly!

Oh … we have a birthday party to go to tomorrow.  So much for that.


Saw some information about Mac OS X Leopard today… wahhh!!  Why can’t Windows have cool features like that!  I downloaded Safari for Windows, the Mac Browser… just to see… y’know?


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