Donuts & Red Bellies

I’ve been complimented about my blogs lately… of course this serves to put tremendous pressure on me to have good topics, but I’m going to try now to bow to the pressure, and just post my usual updates.  The next couple are probably going to be boring.. 🙂

Teresa rec’d an e-mail from one of her friends with all kinds of pictures of the terrible things women do when they’re scorned.  I say terrible, but Teresa found them quite amusing.  Houses, cars, and boats spraypainted with nasty names, billboards taken out with ‘you’re a jerk’ type messages on them, and one with a bunch of pick-axes sticking out of an Audi.  Horrifying stuff… but she found them hilarious.

"This is what you have to look forward to, if you ever stray!" She laughed.

"Honey, other women would have to find me attractive for that to happen.  I mean really, I wear a fanny pack in public." I replied.

She dismissed that with an ‘oh please’, but it is true… I wear a fanny-pack.  A man-bag.  My ‘purse’.  But I HAVE to.  Every single place that I frequent has a card.  Grocery stores, libraries (they started the whole thing, I think), credit cards, video stores, bank cards, driver’s license, store gift cards… it goes on and on.  I can’t keep track of them all, and I would never be so fore-thoughtful (if that’s a word) to be able to sort through them before I leave the house… so, I carry a purse.

I originally got it for the Disney trip, because you never have enough pockets and space to carry everything you need while amusement park-ing, but it came in handy during my Seattle travel so I’ve taken to just keeping it around.  It can easily save me about 5-10 minutes whenever I leave the house because I don’t have to go through the ‘ok, where are my keys… and my wallet… and my phone…’ routine.  I say ‘can’ save me time because that’s assuming I return the keys/wallet/phone to the fanny pack as I enter the house.

Maybe that’s one of those ‘getting old’ things.  You go more for convenience and function than for appearance.

Saturday I helped an old friend of Teresa’s move before getting in the van and heading down here to Homeland, GA… Teresa’s parents’ house.  We stopped and picked up Aurora on the way, and got some Krispy Kreme donuts.  The donuts are a bit of a tradition… there are no Krispy Kremes in or around Homeland so we smuggle some in when we come down.

Before we left I also went to the library and got Empire of Blue Water, by Stephan Talty on CD-ROM off the ‘New Books’ shelf.  It’s pretty fascinating as it goes into a lot of detail about the world events that shape the comings and goings of the pirates and privateers in the mid 1600’s.  The pirates themselves were amazingly democratic, and before each ‘mission’ they would have articles which all would sign that gave special compensation to those who flew the colors first, who boarded the other ship first, injuries, lost limbs, etc.  That’s one of the reasons why they were so terribly efficient… they were well-motivated!

We made it out to the beach yesterday.  One thing about the beach I continually forget is that when you have small kids hanging off you on the beach they tend to rub off your sunblock.  I had put cream sunblock 50 on my front, and had Teresa spray my back with sunblock 30.  Guess which side is toasty red?  Yeah, the front…. which, I guess, if I had to choose that would be the side I want to have sensitive even if it is the side with more real-estate.

Disney and party photos are up on the Photo Album pages now.


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