The Party

Phew… what fun.  All the preparation has been worth it.  Had a lot of fun, even though it was a bit of a whirlwind.  Julie and Dave came early and helped decorate.  Spent a lot of good quality time with Paul, even though he was late (he felt bad about that, but I was busy cooking and everything… never had a doubt he’d show).  Dave Herman and Logan Stout came out and visited.  Tammy and Chris came up from Hogansville.

Some notes:

– NEVER use Ben-Gay in a crowded room, unless you want the room to become un-crowded.  My wrist had been hurting… an old football injury that rears itself now and again… and among the many gifts I rec’d (hair color, metamucil, hemorrhoidal ointment, medicated foot powder, Old Spice (hah!)) was Ben-Gay, so I broke it open.  Peee-eww!

– Keg-sizing is a difficult thing.  We still have some left.  I wonder if it will keep until next weekend.  Makes me wish I had taken the time to get the pieces for my CO2 tank to push the beer.

– Predicting party traffic flow is about as easy as predicting the weather.  Although it has become pretty standard that our basement attracts kids, and our kitchen attracts adults.  I’d really like to be able to detach the gaming systems from the big-screen in the basement to make it more of an adult focus than a child focus.  Either that or surrender it, and get a better TV and sound system for upstairs.

Life can now return to it’s normal pace.  We’re past the danger-fraught rapids.  Past the turbulent waters where you have to pay attention to what’s just in front of you without seeing the beauty around.  Now we can just drift in the lazy flow of a deep, wide river; constant, steady, and unstoppable.  Nothing pushing us… no pressure….

Oh, no!  I just remembered we’re closing on the our house refinancing today…. I need to get Teresa….


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