… and back again

I’m home.  And tired.

Got on a plane in Seattle at 2:00pm in the afternoon.  We must have had tailwinds because the pilot said the flight was going to take 3 hours 9 minutes.  I swear it was 4 hours on the way out.

I’m starting to rethink my strategy of choosing the window seat.  Maybe just on flights longer than 2 hours.  It is really inconvenient to ask the other two people to move out in order to go use the restroom.  Used to be it would just be 1 person usually, but the flights were crowded yesterday.  The first flight was two ladies.  The one in the middle was brought to the plane in a wheelchair, so I didn’t really want to make her move, twice.  I’ll just wait until I’m switching planes, right?

Once landing from that flight I thought I’d pop into a restroom, but I grabbed a bite to eat since I ran into that first, (turns out the $3 snack pack isn’t purchasable by credit cards, so I couldn’t buy anything on the plane) and then heard the last call for my flight so I had to dash to the gate.  ‘Dash’ is a relative term here mind, you.  Remember how I described Tyler and I running to the bus when we were exhausted?  It was kind of like that, but I had my food in a bag, a drink, and my 50lb laptop bag (maybe I’ll start checking out paperbacks from the library, too).  Every step when I was running felt like my thunder in my legs.

The aisle seat on that flight was a man and his 18 mo daughter.  She fell asleep on him shortly after take-off, and I wasn’t gonna make him wake her up just to go to the bathroom.  It was during the 3rd hour of that flight that I decided to evaluate the option of choosing aisle seats from now on.

The plane docked at gate E20 or so… the first bathroom I came across was closed, and there was a sign pointing back the way I came telling me to use the bathroom at E30.  I’m not walking backwards.  Fine, I’ll just use the next one.  Off to the trains.

Missed the first train, and the second one came a few minutes behind it.  If I wasn’t in terminal E, the most remote terminal, I would have walked.  As it was the trains paused for about 2 minutes at every stop with a blaring announcement telling us the trains are delayed.  I finally got out and walked when we were near the end.  The good news is my bag was waiting at the baggage claim when I finally got there, so I picked it up and then went and found a bathroom.  Aisle seats are looking very attractive.

I stopped to get some gas and coffee at a BP on Cascade Road.  I pulled in to the middle pump out of 8.  I was the only one there.  When I was going in to get coffee there was a sign on the door, "Closed until 4:00am for cleaning."  It was 1:45am I guess.  Gee, yeah, me and all the other people that would be shopping at 2am in the morning would be terribly distracting from all that cleaning they were doing.  That made me bitter, so I stopped the pump at 3 gallons instead of the 14 I needed, and left (it was paid for).  I wonder if the owner knows that the night crew decides to clamp off any chance at income other than gas that might pay for their salaries.

Now it’s time to finish up the party preparations.

Uh oh, Cameron just threw up.  He wasn’t feeling good this morning and so he had some milk.  I tried to discourage that and get him to drink OJ instead, but he wanted milk.  He really didn’t drink much, but it was enough to curdle.


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