Tales from the Road

Things that happened to me during my travels yesterday:

While waiting for the plane in the waiting room there was a lady talking on a cellphone dragging a carry-on luggage behind her.  She walked one way and all 8 people in the seats she was walking past pulled their feet in.  She got to the other side, turned around and started back the other way, and even tho people’s feet were pulled in she ran over at least 2 people’s feet.  All while talking on the cellphone.  She ended up sitting on the aisle seat of my row (I always sit on the window).  She did suduko during the trip.

I got on the plane unsure of exactly how long the flight would be.  I chalk this up to the fact that flights are booked online instead of talking to a person, since I had the question while I was booking.  It appeared that it was a non-stop, but in actuality it stopped over in Phoenix.  And although the flight number stayed the same, I had to disembark and go to a different gate to get on another plane.

The fellow in the middle seat reeked of alcohol.  By the end of the 4 hour trip I was feeling his hang-over.  He was going on to Sacremento in order to do the video for some sports event.  His specialty is the jumbo-tron.  He has a Canadian friend that shoots Taliban off mountains, and he’s seem some photos.  I remark I saw a video of that sort that turned out to be goats, and he said ‘come to think of it one of them may have been a goat.’   He remarked at how large rear goat teeth are.. ‘downright scary’, he related.  He was a nice fellow, despite intoxicating the people around him.  He also says that the sniper sights record kills now and uploads it to satellites upon each shot.  He didn’t say satellites, but he pointed up.  He also has several hundred acres in Central or South America where they go and shoot white-tail deer.  ‘It’s just a hobby,’ he said.

US Airways makes you pay for the snacks and meal service.  $5 for the meal, $3 for snacks.  It was the cheapest option of my flight options, and I would have had to explain my choice if I chose the slightly more expensive Delta option.  I got very hungry during that flight, and only had time to grab Burger King between flights.

At one point I opened the blinds, and I saw the Grand Canyon.  I didn’t get to see Mt. Rainier flying in, however.  I did wonder about the spelling of Puget Sound (I looked it up to place it here).  I knew it wasn’t ‘pungent’.


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