It Takes You Back…

I’m having dinner with Laura last night here in Washington state and she’s relating a conversation she’s had with Debbie about how for the first time in the history of the family I wasn’t the last one to know something.  As she’s relating it she calls me ‘Artie’.  Wow, Artie.  It didn’t really hit me until this morning.

Here I am, about to turn 40 and so age dominates just about everything I do or say these days.  Every moan, creak, snap and pop coming from my body is ‘Ohhh, I’m so old.’  The boys jump on me or start wrestling and I bring out my oft-used defense, "Don’t do that!  I’m too old!"

But then I get called Artie again, and geez.

I’m thinking about it while in the shower this morning… that’s really when it hit me.  I had stored it somewhere in my brain and as I reached for the shampoo I thought, "Artie." 

Yes, I am going to be 40 next week.  But I’m still 5, and 9, and 15, and 22, and everywhere in between.  I’m not JUST 40, I’m everything that led up to 40.  I’m Artie (family and childhood friends) and Arthur (high-school friends), and Woody (college friends), and Art (now).  I’m 40! (that’s a mathematical expression).

The flight up showed Wild Hogs.  HILARIOUS film.  4 guys who are looking to rediscover something they think they’ve lost over the ages.  They’re all unhappy with their life in different ways; one is henpecked, one is searching for respect, one is losing everything he thinks is important, and one is unlucky in love.  Even though I found it hilarious, I didn’t identify with these core traits of any of the characters.

I got it good.


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