Happy Memorial Day

Summer is finally here.  Seems like it’s been summer for months already. 

We made it up to Tunica, MS this past weekend to go see Teresa’s brother Dean, and his girlfriend Stephania.  She’s visiting from Italy, and we all went to the .38 Special concert.  That was pretty awesome.  I knew a lot of the songs even though I hadn’t realized who sang them.  I had prepared myself by checking out iTunes and their songs, but there were even more than I saw there that I recognized.

It was quite a drive… we drove up Thursday night and I worked from the hotel on Friday.  The concert was Friday night, and then Teresa and the boys sight-seed (sight-saw?) around Memphis on Saturday.

I, however, took advantage of the opportunity and sat at a live poker table.  A REAL live poker table.

The stakes were $4/$8.  Considerably larger than I play online ($.50/$1.00), and with friends ($.05/$.10).  First things first, I need some chips.

I went up to the cage with my money and said "I need some chips." 

The lady behind the counter replied, "Rack of whites?"  I said, "I don’t know, I’m playing 4/8…" and I pushed my money towards her.

She smiled at me and gave me a plastic rack full of 100 white chips ($1), and another with 20 red chips ($5) and some of my money back.  "Here you go, honey.  Good luck!"  My first thought, "These are heavy."  I hoped they got heavier.

I sat down, de-racked my chips and built a little castle.  My second thought, "These chips are nasty."  Everything I had read was true.  I had read stories posted in the poker forums about how people dare each other to lick the chips, how they had a tendency to stick together, and other horror stories.  They were pretty accurate.  The chips were dirty, nasty, had a weird grey substance on them that made them tend to stick together.  If I was at home I’d think that Cameron had been playing with the chips with his clay (again), but I wasn’t at home.  I always wondered how on TV the pros kept their chips stacked so well without knocking them over all the time.  Now I know.. it’s the grime on the chips. 

Folded first 8-9 hands I guess and finally got A-hearts, T-hearts.  One person limped ahead of me and I announced firmly and with conviction, "Raise!".  3 people behind me cold-called, the big blind called, and the limper called.  6 people to the flop.  6T8.. nice, I have top-pair, top kicker.  Bet, 4 callers… turn J, bet, 2 callers, river, bet all folded.  My first pot!  I tossed the dealer one of the chips out of the pot like a pro, started stacking my chips.

Once I forgot to muck my hand (give it back to the dealer) when I won, and it was still there when the dealer started dealing the next hand.  Every deck they used had the same back to it, and it had been a pretty good hand but I might have gotten in trouble play 4 cards, so I had to give the 2 back.  

Another time the girl on my right made a comment about how the dealer needed to stop giving her Ace-Jack as she folded… I folded on the turn and the two people left turned up aces.  I said "Wait, you folded an Ace?" to her… she’s on my right (my deaf side), so I guess I really don’t know what she said, but thought it was in the affirmative.  That would have made 5 aces of course, so I point it out… the dealer laid the deck face up and there were 4 aces in the deck, making me a triple-schmuck… one for telling everyone I folded an ace on the hand (there was an ace on the board), two for calling her out on the hand she said she folded, and third for believing what someone actually said at the poker table.

All told I walked away $160 from the tables, and we started our drive home Saturday evening at 7:30pm eastern.   8  hours later we pull into home, and I’m still thinking about the hands I played or misplayed.

Sunday was a deck-warming party at Kelly’s, one of Teresa’s partners-in-homeschooling.  They had stuck a roof on their deck and screened it in.  They also had a water-slide, and tons of food.  The guys watched the races while the girls talked out on the deck and the kids went back and forth between the basement and the bedrooms… Fun times!

We still have tons of work to do to prepare for our party… so it looks like we’re going to the pool this afternoon!  Sigh.

Time to go.


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