Disney, and Time is Short

What can I say about Disney but wow.  Disney has truly impressed me yet again.  We all had so much fun at Disney that it’s hard to tell where to start.  I’ll be uploading the pictures soon.  I won’t bore you with all the gruesome details but we collapsed in bed every night, exhausted, and then hit the parks again the next day. 

We did Magic Kingdom the first day, which was awesome, and the kids were loving all the rides.  The next day we did MGM/Disney Studios and the Tower of Terror.  The boys loved it.  Tyler and I went on the Rockin Roller Coaster and he thought that was incredible.  He tellng me to show his face, which looked like this: =:o  Thursday was Animal Kingdom, which impressed me.  I wasn’t expecting much there, but it was a really nice park.  Friday was back to Magic Kingdom, and then Epcot during their Extra Magic Hours.

Tyler and I were walking back to the buses at one point and we saw our bus driver get into the bus.  We both tried to run, but our feet were hurting so bad that it just looked more like a controlled fall.  Not a run so much as a lean that direction and try to keep your feet under you while you stagger.  We missed the bus.  We caught the next one, and got the last two seats on the bus as we set out for the resort.  We both promptly fell asleep.  I woke just as the bus was entering the resort, and there were a few stops ahead of ours.  Next thing I know I hear the people in front of us saying something about not knowing what our stop was… I shook myself awake and dragged Tyler off the next (and last) stop.  We would have woken up back at Disney!

Nana and Pops joined us on Friday for a trip around The Magic Kingdom.  Tyler loved the fact that we got to go to the front of the line and didn’t have to wait as long as everyone else.  He told us we should rent a scooter every time we go!  He’s watching me type this and he’s telling me now he was saying that because his feet were hurting so bad, not because it let you go in front of the line. 

We went on the Jungle Cruise and we had a tour-guide that was sooo bad, I was expecting a shepherd’s crook to come out at any minute and yank him off the boat.  He was a cross between a disgruntled employee, failed stand-up comedian, and someone who wanted to be anywhere but there.  He actually was heckling one lady on the boat, and kept calling her ‘princess’.  There’s a line between funny and just crass, and he had crossed it.

Off to Homeland we went after that to visit Teresa’s Mom for Mother’s Day.  Homeland is on the edge of the Okeefenokee, which is currently on fire, so there was smoke from time to time.  Went to the beach on Sunday and the tide came in so fast we narrowly missed having the van stuck until the tide went out.  It did come in so fast that we had to move camp a few times, and during one of the moves I lose my keys.

The ‘lost/broken’ tally for the 10 days was:
– 2 pair sunglasses
– 1 set of keys (mine)
– 1 room-key (Cameron’s)
– NO tempers!

Yeah, seems pretty amazing to go 10 days where most of that is living in the same hotel room without temper flares, but we did it..

So now we’re back home, and I found out yesterday I’m going to Redmond June 4th-7th.  I’m loving the fact that I get to go visit Laura, but that’s got to be the worst week possible for that to happen.  We’ve got so much to do before the party, I don’t know how we’re going to get it accomplished.


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