Ever feel like someone is trying to tell you something?

I’ve told the story of my sprained ankle last blog.

I go to work out a week afterwards and for 2-3 days afterwards my ankle hurts quite a bit.  I can take a hint and decided not to push it anymore for a week or so.  I just walked into the gym on Tuesday for a meeting and it made my ankle hurt on Wednesday.  Maybe it was the smell of treadmill rubber or something.

The kids have a swim class on Wednesday, and they’ve been on a hike that day so I meet Teresa at the Y with their swimsuits, clothes to change into and the works.  I bring my suit because it’s been hot all day and I could use some pool time (why can’t we have a week or two where it isn’t too hot or too cold?).  We play and play and play and are having a good time.  The boys are in their class and Zack and Emma (Julie and Dave’s kids) are with us so they’re playing with Aurora.  I’m sitting on the bench and I get approached by a YMCA employee, "Are you Art?"  Oh geez.  "Yes… what happened?"  "Your wife has been injured."

Fast forward… she was doing arm curls and somehow pulled a muscle in her neck.  I’ll include her e-mail to her friends about what actually happened if she dares forward it to me.  In short, her head virtually exploded in pain and she had a hard time breathing.  She went to the doctor this morning and the prognosis was "pulled muscle in neck".  From arm curls.   ?????

Okay, so here we are… me nursing a sprained ankle, her with a recently pulled neck-muscle.  Kind of makes you wonder if this whole ‘fitness’ thing is worth all the pain!

Have I said work is insane?  I’m very busy, and Teresa is also having to deal with the fact that I lock the basement door from time to time.  It’s good tho!  I hope I can keep track of everything.  It’s getting a bit crazy making sure all the balls stay in the air.

But we’re all very happy.  And that’s what counts, right?


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