Starts and Stops

I’ve tried putting an update on the blog several times this week, but keep getting interrupted.  Life has gotten extremely busy.

I’m enjoying work for the first time in probably 4-5 years, working as a project manager for the group I’m now in.  It’s more detail oriented than I’m used to being, plus I need to be extremely organized, but it’s a new challenge and different, and so it’s fun!  But it is BUSY…. constantly on the phone, constantly busy.  Yesterday I couldn’t even find the time to get out and run an errand for Teresa!

Lots of projects going on around the house.  Gearing up for my 40th birthday party!  I’m getting a lot of RSVP’s.  Disappointed that some people aren’t going to be able to come, but excited that so many are saying they’ll be here!  It should be quite a shindig.

I need to start brewing some beer for it!

I have a patio outside the back door to install, basement doors to replace, planters to build, a basement ceiling to finish up, trim in the basement…

(two hours later)

See… busy busy busy……

Weight loss isn’t going so good lately… Good ole Easter is doing it to me again.  There was the week before Easter, when allergies kept me from a decent workout… then Easter, where I had Easter dinner 3 nights in a row (ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, macaroni and cheese, yummmm)… then I sprain my ankle walking Harley around the neighborhood and can barely walk for a few days.  I finally felt like it was mostly healed, well enough to do some stationary bike riding, so I went Monday and worked out and rode, and have regretted it the past couple days.  Oh well.  I haven’t given up.  I’m back on my normal breakfast/lunch schedule but dinners lately have been a little more than I care.  But as I’ve always said, I’m not shooting for perfection, just a baseline of healthy eating so that when all the pressures relax I get back on track.

(45 minutes later)

Ok, fine, I’m publishing this one now.. 🙂


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