While we weren’t looking

Someone switched months on us.  Somehow, someway someone took put April where March is supposed to go, and put March where April is supposed to go.  In short… it’s cold.  I don’t really like cold.  For this, I blame Florida.

So I’m sitting here in my basement which was a bit warm last week in a sweatshirt and jeans, and tucking my feet under my knees because they’re cold.  Sure, socks would help, but there are a lot of stairs between me and those socks.

It’s been a week of recovery.  Cameron and I have been suffering allergies, so have been trying to stave off upper-respiratory distress by keeping medicated.  I tried a Claritin generic, and it really didn’t do anything for me so I went to the store and bought one of each allergy med.  I tried to make sure they didn’t have the same active ingredient, but I was already under the effects of the allergies and sinus congestion, so I guess I wasn’t as clearheaded as I should have been, because I did get a duplicate.

Anywho, I found one I pretty much like, and it turns out it was one I already had.  I had a Tylenol Allergy & Sinus medicine but because it said ‘nighttime’ on it I wasn’t taking it during the day.  But I had gotten a store-brand with same ingredients it is the one keeping me drip-free, and my head from getting stuffy.

With the allergies, nose drips and Tyler deciding to throw up the other night the YMCA has lost priority.  It’s Friday, and I’ve only been once, to do a cardio workout.  Oh well, as long as it doesn’t become a habit.  Like I’ve said previously, I’m not trying to achieve perfection, because I don’t want the disappointment of not achieving it to be an excuse to stop.  Just that I stick to everything about 70-80% of the time.  And the previous weeks I was actually ahead of my goals, so there we go.

Our Wii Hunt has been completely unsuccessful, so I asked the kids a question… would they like an upgrade to their computer or should we keep hunting for a Wii?  They said Wii at first, but then after a couple false alarms (local stores getting them in and we missed one by a day or two), they decided on the computer.  This got a little trickier, tho, because Teresa overheard and said she wanted a laptop.  Oh yeah, a laptop.

I went to Fry’s last night and got Teresa a laptop.  I don’t do it on purpose, really, but I keep giving her reasons to never come down to the basement, like ever.  Now she can do her e-mail and internetting upstairs, even while watching her shows, etc.  At least we can IM each other now.

And the boys got her desktop.  Theirs had been on the blink, powering off for unknown reasons and being generally unstable.  They had a decent video card in it, though, so I moved that to Teresa’s computer and voila, they’re upgraded.

It’ll be the last splurges of the year with our trips coming up, but I think she needed it.


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