Out Like a Lamb

Springtime is here and the pollen is swirling around like powdery snow in the wind.  So far the sinuses/allergies haven’t been affected too much, but I think it’s late-season that usually gets me.  Sawgrass, I think?  I never remember what to look out for.

Springtime means springtime projects… buying new parts for the grill, dirt for planting, and poison to make sure what we don’t want to come around doesn’t… or at least if it does, it dies.  Fire-ants, weeds… that sorta thing.

I’ve got house-preparations for my birthday party in June.  The major part of that is finishing the ceiling.  Ahh, the ceiling.  I was cutting some tiles for the partial squares left in the ceiling and I got about 3 of them installed before I was spitting fire.  Luckily the house was empty, so I was able to put it out pretty quickly and nobody else got burned.  I may have to take up some form of meditation to be able to make it through cutting the rest of them, though.

The boys have finished their swimming lessons, and we signed them up for another round.  Both got excellent marks on their Guppy report cards.  The next level is Minnow, but the teacher recommended another round of Guppy because Minnow doubles the distances they have to swim.  So they get to be Guppies one more time.  They’re being taught different strokes like breast stroke, butterfly, freestyle, backstroke… they love being able to wear fins and swim because they can swim so fast with them.

The YMCA has become the focal point of our evenings, actually.  And that’s good.  My fitness coach added a bunch of machines to my workout.. almost doubling them!  I’m taking a very conservative approach to the whole work-out thing, trying to add exercises and days to the routine slowly… but now it looks like I need to be doing the cardio MWF, and the machines TH, sometimes S.  Teresa’s coach has upgraded her to 4 days cardio, 4 days machines so she’s planning on going every day.

In the weight-loss news I’m down to about 197.  I ate a 4-pound burrito the other night from Moe’s and after that and then going to work out I was at 198, so I was pretty happy with that.  But most of the time it’s around 197 right now.  I’m wearing my 36’s again.  Medium shirts are still a bit snug, though.  I’d like to be in the low 180’s around my birthday party.

Poker’s been going okay.  I had a bad run playing no-limit cash games because I was playing the cash game like a tournament, which is bad.  So I lost about half of my bankroll in one of the poker sites.. maybe a little more (this was after cashing out a sizable piece of it, so it isn’t as bad as it sounds).  So I decided to get conservative again and work my bankroll back up to previous levels.

I’m playing in a heads-up league through my poker forums where everyone puts in a bit of money into a pool, divide up into teams and play heads-up (one on one) matches against each other.  Kind of like a dart-league, actually, but with only one kind of game.  We’re 2 weeks in and I’m 2-0, so I’m pretty happy with my performance there.

I’ve talked Teresa into going to Vegas this year!  In August.  I’m playing Everquest 2 again and there is going to be a Fan Faire (a big gathering of other people who play Everquest) in Vegas August 2-5th, so we’re reserving a week with our timeshare for the week before and will attend that, hopefully meet a bunch of my poker forum friends, and Everquest friends and play some live poker, all at the same time!

Teresa’s been having so much fun with the other mom’s in the homeschool groups she’s in that I invited the husbands over for poker this weekend.  We should have a decent turnout, I’m thinking!

Okay well this blog is long and boring and full of newsy stuff… but it had been a while since I posted and I needed to catch everyone up…

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