In Like A Lion

It’s March, the most schizophrenic weather month around.  It’s like the planet is arguing with itself whether it is still winter, or springtime.  Kind of a pain, tho, in that it takes my basement about 3 days to get warm again after the weather turns nice again.  I’m sitting in it now at 12:30am, with a very distinct chill that makes me wish I had a sweater or something on.

I’m trying to finish up a poker tournament.  As with anything, as soon as you have something else to go do, the thing that you’re doing starts taking an extraordinary long time to resolve.  Maybe I should just keep doing this… make an appointment, and then a couple hours before it start playing a poker tournament.  That would increase the likelihood that I’m still playing in it by several-fold, I think.  (Update: I finished in 19th out of 180.  That’s pretty good, but considering that 18th place pays $8.64 and 19th place pays $0.00, it’s kind of annoying.. happens to me too much to be healthy for my psyche)

I mentioned we joined the YMCA, right?  The boys do love their swimming lessons.  Teresa had made an appt. for me to meet with a trainer last week and she (the trainer) introduced me to the  machines and the system they use.  Boy, have gyms come a long way.  The machines tell me how many repetitions, what my last weight setting was, the seat settings, how far to move, how fast I’m going…  It’s like having a trainer sitting there with you every time you go.. only without the Austrian accent.

There is even a ‘point’ system (which I will be calling ‘experience’) that tallies up the more you do, and you reach different levels!  It takes quite a bit of experience to earn anything, but still.. it’s Dungeons and Dragons for Fitness!  As I go I’ll be working out on more machines and earning more points each week.  It’s pretty dang cool.. Maybe in a few months I’ll be saying "I’m a 3rd level cardiovascular workouter"  I’ll get to learn an additional 1st level exercise, and roll a die for extra hitpoints!  I can’t wait!

I can even log in from home and put in points for stuff I do at home, like yardwork, etc.  They have different things you enter like distance, how hard the exercise was, how long it took.  They don’t have a slot for ‘beers drank’, though, so I’ll probably not use that for home exertions.

I’ve reached a milestone in the weightloss once more.  Breaking through the 200 barrier and coming in at a slim (ha) 199lbs.  Which is incredibly annoying.  This is truly an irritating weight because I still really can’t wear my size 36 jeans (unless I’m going out to eat in a restaurant and want to make sure that I don’t eat too much, because if I do I’ll cut the circulation to my lower half), and my size 38 jeans sit lower on my butt than is decent.  Which I don’t mind the indecency so much as the constant feeling that I need to pull up my pants.  Pull’em up, take two steps, pull’em up… I feel like Cameron when he puts on a pair of Tyler’s pants by mistake.

The basement ceiling is coming together nicely.  It’s probably about 92% done (and I say that approximately).  I put in the tiles for the lighting fixtures (all but one, because if I did that last one it would be actually ‘finishing’ something I’m doing, and I can really have that set a precedent).  Still have a vent that’s pushing down on a tile too much, and 3 of the edges.. the ones I have to trim tiles to do it.  Trimming tiles is really nasty messy work.  I had to cut the holes for the lighting fixtures and I still itch from the dust.  So I want to do that trimming outside.  And convenient for me.. it’s too cold outside to work!  I’m a genius at this avoiding finishing stuff deal.

We also got some doors to replace our solid metal basement doors.  French-style doors with big windows.  They’ll be nice, but I’m still figuring out how to get the old doors out.

Ok, tournament is over.. it’s 1:20am, and I’m gonna go to sleep now.

Movies this week:
     – Man of the Year – Robin Williams – Very good (and that surprised me)
     – Running With Scissors – Wow… interesting flick
     – The Iceman Interviews – HBO Specials about Richard Kuklinski, a mob hitman … scary guy
     – Firewall – Harrison Ford – Pretty good film


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