Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I bust out of Poker After Dark satellite.  Shana Hiatt will have to wait to meet me, I guess.

I bust out of a $1 90-man tournament on Full Tilt.  I win $1.83 for the 2 hours spent on that tournament.

Finish 4th in $4 180-seat tournament I started before the Poker After Dark satellite.  I win $57.60!

I move Aurora from our bed to her bed on the floor.  This isn’t unusual.  I usually have to move a kid to go to bed a few times a month.

Aurora crawls out of her bed and into bed with Grammie and me.  No big deal, but it wakes me just enough so that I can hear….

Harley whining outside my door. I forgot to let him out before bed the night before.  There are about 5 frogs chirping.  A week ago during our warm ‘snap’ there were 500.  I like 5 better than 500.  It’s cute. 

I return to bed.

All I can think about trying to get back to sleep is that I need to remember to get up and take out the trash. Oh, and how can be 1st place in chips out of 4 and then finish 4th. Oh, and I wonder if this means I’m postive ROI (return on investment) in my $4 tournaments, since it has been a while since I’ve won money in one.

I get out of bed and take the trash to the curb.

I make coffee.

I import tourney summaries and see I have spent 57.20 in $4/180-man tourney entries and fees since 2/18 (the day I swore I’d play 250 45-man tournies.. I’ve played 66, with an ROI of 16% and think I’ve run moderately bad). My 4th place cash won me 57.60. I’m .40 ahead, rock on. I wonder again why I’m playing these tournies.  I look at my overall statistics and see I’ve played 83 of these tournaments, and won $652.32, for a net win of $287.12.  Oh, that’s probably why.  I’ve played 226 $1 tournaments with winnings of $349, so a net win of $77.90.  Oh, and yes, I claimed gambling winnings on my taxes.

"I could go back to sleep," I think, while sipping my coffee.

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