Sunday, March 4, 2007

No witty title this morning. 

Let’s see what’s been happening lately.  Last night I attended an Atlanta Hawks game vs. the New York Knicks, a team they actually have a chance of defeating.  Although they jumped out to a huge lead, they lost, in overtime.  I actually did get a bit involved in the game.  I went with Paul and one of his co-workers and it was a good time hanging out with him.

They have these inflatable tubular balloons that they give out at Hawks games now called ‘Thunder Sticks’.  They’re cool; you blow them up with a straw and then bang them together and they make a sound louder than you’d expect.  I over-thundered my thunder sticks and so they got holes in them and deflated.  Probably a good thing.

We also got little statues of one of the Hawks players.  I don’t recall which one.. 🙂  I’m not really a basketball fan.

I’m reburning all our CD’s since I lost my harddrive and all our virtual copies of our music.  I also found the list Teresa gave me a while back of artists/albums that she’d like to have.  Albums she had.  I need to work on getting those, too.  It’s cool to listen to all the different types of music.

We’re still waiting on the IRS refund gift cards to get started on all the projects.  I may go out and stake out the dimensions of the deck I want to build outside, and start to figure out where the posts will need to go.  I also thought of making a ‘template’ for the drilling I need to do for the loft beds, but then I figured I’ll just do one board and use it as a template from then on.

I feel I should be doing something… tired of sitting around on the weekends.. ready to be productive again and all I can do is wait.

Weight loss is going pretty well.. down to around 200, just a little more.  I ate alot at the b-ball game last night.. and had a couple beers.  I’m trying to stay away from beer for the most part during this diet, but once a weekend I don’t mind having  a couple.

Here’s my poker for the past couple weeks.. a lot of this is No-Limit, so the BB (big blind) in question is .02, .05, .10 and .25.

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