Toofless – cont’d

Cameron is now missing 3 of his top front teeth, so eating corn on the cob just isn’t in the picture anymore.  Good thing it’s winter.  It fell out while he was sleeping the night before, and the tooth fairy visited him last night.  He had rigged an ‘invention’ tieing his bedroom door to the bathroom door so when one door opened the other closed, but I don’t know if it was meant as a means of preventing entry or not.  Probably just a ‘look, here’s some string, let’s tie it to something’ invention and then he noticed the doors close.  Assigning motive to a 7 year old can be pretty tough.

Teresa and the boys are on their way down to visit the grand-girls.  I begged out of it.  Might be a long ride, too.  Our converter in the van that runs the DVD player seems to have died.  So the boys took other things to do… noble pursuits, like, video-games. 

We have a new rule that they can’t be playing computer games or watching TV past 8pm.  They’ve been staying up a bit late and hopefully this’ll get them unwound a bit earlier. 

I’m playing some poker today, for a change.  I hadn’t been playing much after the hard-time I’ve been having over the past few weeks, but most of the shows I record on my TiVO are poker shows, so when I watch them I kinda get motivated to play.  I keep thinking maybe I’ll stop playing for a while, but then what else would I do?  I need to start brewing beer again, but that would kind of go against the whole diet thing.

In poker I’m actually back to playing tournaments… played a few cash games this week and had a mixture of success.  I think I was playing well.. just luck factoring into it.  I think that’s true of the entire month, which is why poker can be frustrating.

I did make it to 24th last night in a tournament with 1861 people in it.  Of course I only made $5.03 since it only cost $1 to get into the tournament.  But I think I’m going to stick to tournaments that cost less than $5 for now.  Far less maddening when kooky stuff happens… and kooky stuff will happen.

The diet thing is going okay.  There’ve been a lot of temptations in the house.  Friday night I had a couple beers.  I’ve not been doing as bad as I could be doing, but with all the temptations around I’m not doing the best, either.  Which actually means I’m kind of doing perfect!  Kinda perfect, heh.  I don’t want to guilt myself too bad when there are cookies sitting on the counter for 3 days and I eat some (okay half) of them.  I mean, what ELSE am I going to do?  I could have eaten them all!  They were some kind of fudgy chocolate/peanutbutter with oatmeal in them that Teresa made for a Mom’s Night Out she went to Friday Night.   But my breakfasts and lunches have been reasonable.. just the evening/night time when I succumb.

It looks like with our tax returns we’re going to join the Y.  I think I may go and do the swimming thing as my exercise.  I don’t think we’re officially members yet, and we were going to go Saturday but… didn’t.

It’s so cold outside, it’s hard to get motivated to go and do stuff.  Once you’re up and around and doing things is one thing.. but actually saying ‘okay, I’m going to go get showered and dressed and am going out into the cold’ is completely different.  When the fireplace is on, and you’re snug under a blanket, or sitting in the basement with the heater blowing under your chair… it’s tough!  This winter is definitely colder than the past couple we’ve had.  In our master bedroom we can really hear it blowing up the hill and around the house.

I guess this is long enough…


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